WordPress Themes for Multi Builders Compared: Gutenix and Astra Subscriptions Overview

Today, page builders are highly popular among non-professionals. They are pretty simple in use, don’t require any coding skills, and are easily available on the internet. Who will throw overboard such a helpful tool?

The topic of today is the multi builder themes that can be built with the help of various editors. This way of page editing is important as you can get one theme and dozens of templates based on several page builders.

We offer you to take a look at Gutenix and Astra themes, which includes a diversity of starter sites inside and can offer beneficial subscriptions.

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Why do people choose multi builder themes?

Let us begin from the detailed look at the multi builder themes and find out the benefits of using such types for WordPress. Nowadays, there are loads of themes for multi builders. Moreover, their number is increasing day in and day out, so it’s difficult to spurt into the lead among the competitors.

As usual, themes that are designed for multiple page builders include a rich pack of starter sites on different topics. That means you can choose the template that fits your future website the most.

Besides, the working process is simplified and time is highly maximized thanks to the broad selection of customizable methods. Each of the page builders consists of a great number of features that will lead your website to a fascinating design and outstanding functionality.

Gutenix and Astra WP Themes Quick Overview

Finally, it’s time to get to know our star themes better. Gutenix and Astra are WordPress themes that are oriented to work with several builders. These are free versions, so you really lose nothing by checking them out.

Especially, if you are a newbie with a strong desire to build a personal website.

Gutenix Theme

Gutenix theme is absolutely free with a package of features that will surely strike a chord. At your service, there are multiple structured sections and ready-made layouts for a successful website building.

The theme is compatible with the Elementor, Brizy, and Gutenberg editors. The design is fully responsive, so each type of screen suits the website. You will find 8 header styles as well.

Astra Theme

Astra is a colorful and free WordPress theme aimed to work with the multiple types of builders. There, you will find the possibility to customize the theme via the Elementor and Beaver builders.

The theme is WPML ready, also there is an integration with the WooCommerce plugin that allows you to create attractive stores.

Comparing Gutenix and Astra Subscriptions

The bunch of features of Gutenix and Astra themes can be enriched using the Pro subscriptions. Each of them includes a great number of options and several plans, so you will surely find the most attractive one.

It’s believed that subscriptions aren’t affordable for everyone, it’s not true. Let’s go deeper and learn more.

Gutenix Pro Subscription

Gutenix Pro is available in 2 plans, Annual and Lifetime. Each of them includes the same pack of features, however, you can get them for a different term.

The plans are replete with:

  • more than 30 templates for Elementor, Gutenberg, and Brizy builders
  • Gutenix free theme
  • powerful ZeGuten plugin with a collection of blocks
  • +6 fresh starter sites monthly
  • Gutenix Pro plugin full of additional features
  • competent and friendly support

Gutenix Pro Builders
Meet the Annual plan for the $49 and the Lifetime plan for the $125. By the way, to the end of June 2020, you can get them with 50% off and save a bit of money.

Astra Pro Subscription

With the Astra subscription plan, you can get 3 types of pricing. They are Astra Pro, Essential Bundle, and Growth Bundle. There is a possibility to get them with an annual or lifetime subscription.

What is inside each of the plans?

Astra Pro is available for $41/$249 with the options such:

  • Pro Astra features
  • more than 20 templates on different topics
  • effective support
  • training with documentation and videos

Essential Bundle is available for $169/$499 with all the features from the Astra Pro plan, plus:

    • WP portfolio plugin
    • Elementor or Beaver builder addons to choose from

Growth Bundle is available for $249/$699 with all the features from the Astra Pro plan, plus:

      • WP portfolio plugin
      • Limitless number of addons for Elementor and Beaver page builders
      • Convert Pro Plugin
      • Schema Pro Plugin
      • SkillJet Academy
      • the future plugins will be added to this plan

Astra Pricing for Builders
Undoubtedly, both Gutenix and Astra themes are affordable and worthwhile. They are marvelous examples of the multi builder themes that are popular nowadays. Which one to choose is up to you because the plans are oriented for different purposes.

On a Final Note…

In wrapping up, we can say that using either of these WordPress themes for multi builders is one of the best decisions. The Gutenix and Astra themes will be your true helpers in building a powerful and modern website on the editor you admire the most.

The available subscriptions allow you to enrich the functionality of the future website and ease the process of customization.

There’s no single winner among these themes because each of them contains different bundles of features. Which one suits you the most? Who will be the final winner is up to what you’re building and with what you’re more comfortable.

2 thoughts on “WordPress Themes for Multi Builders Compared: Gutenix and Astra Subscriptions Overview”

  1. After reading all the reviews on Gutinex (most highly rated) I decided to purchase the full license. After downloading & installation I saw that this is way beyond what my needs/wants are, I promptly uninstalled the program & all plugins, contacted Gutinex & asked for a refund.
    SORRY, NO REFUNDS… now I am out $160 for a program that I will never use, is not installed on my systems. I still see in the Gutinex advertising some say 30 day free trial, 14 day MONEY BACK guarantee, these are LIES. The only way to get “money back” if if they determine their program does not work, again, THEY determine. I was in IT for 25+ years (retired) and now I am a Green Geeks hosting customer & do not recommend Gutinex for their support or customer service.

    1. Hi Vince,

      So sorry about your experience here. Went ahead and checked their Terms of Use for you to see where it may have possibly gone wrong. Looks like that you did indeed install it on a system (as you stated above) and therefore that negates a refund. I am linking you to their Terms of Use page… under the refund policy it states that

      “the license key or any of the products was never activated and used on any type of local, staging or live website”

      Since you did download and install it I assume that is their reasoning. Again, so sorry to hear this, but go ahead and take a look at the Terms of USe page. Thank you and again, sorry for your experience.


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