Pepsi and Coke are Ditching Plastic Lobbyists

Plastic Pollution

The Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo are leaving the Plastic Industry Association. This is so they can make more sustainable choices and increase recycling efforts.

This association has been fighting bans on plastics around the country, which is great for these companies. However, they can not publically state they are trying to solve plastic pollution when they are part of this lobbyist group.

Both companies have made environmental promises and leaving this group is only the first step.

A Conflicting Message

While these companies have made commitments to improving recycling efforts, being a part of this lobbyist group sent a conflicting message.

Both companies are major sellers of plastic bottles, but they acknowledge that plastic pollution is an issue.

A company cannot say they want to end plastic pollution while supporting an organization that fully supports throwaway plastics.

How They Are Approaching Plastic Pollution

As industry leaders, these companies have a tremendous influence on the amount of plastic being sold. However, they are both trying to improve.

PepsiCo has recently announced a new canned version of Aquafina water.

While this may not sound significant, over 50 billion water bottles are purchased each year in America and only 13% of those bottles are recycled.

Aquafina is one of the most popular bottled water brands in the world, so this is sure to be an impact.

The Coca-Cola Company has launched its World Without Waste campaign, which is a global effort to increase recycling efforts.

On top of this, Coca-Cola plans to make half of its bottles and cans with 50% of recycled materials in the next 11 years.

Both companies are moving in the right direction when it comes to plastic pollution.

A Problem For Other Companies

Coke and Pepsi have now made it a PR disaster for any other company that remains in these lobby groups.

They have created the stigma that any company that supports these lobby groups cannot, in good conscience, say they want to end plastic pollution.

More Companies Going Green

Going Green

Not only are the younger generations looking for greener options, but now investors see the importance of going green.

The choice to leave these lobby groups was spurred by both investors and environmentalists.

From tech companies like Apple to shoe manufacturers like Adidas, everyone is trying to go green. And there is a very simple reason.

The next generation.

The future generation of shoppers cares more about the environmental impact a product will have than the price tag.

Companies that do not evolve now, will fail in the days to come.

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