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WordPress CLI: Controlling a WordPress Website Webinar

The WordPress CLI is a method in which you can quickly make changes and adjustments to your website without opening a web browser. However, it is a bit on the more advanced side of site management. Today, we’ll show you methods to use the WP-CLI app to really gain control of WordPress.

What is the CLI in WordPress?

The WordPress CLI, often referred to as WP-CLI, is a command-line interface that lets you control WordPress without the need of a browser. Using the command prompt, you’re able to submit many functions from the admin account, such as upgrade plugins, post new content, and manage the config file.

In reality, you can manage the most important aspects of a WordPress website through the use of the CLI.

In This WordPress CLI Webinar…

Today, you’ll explore some of the best functions of using the command line in conjunction with WordPress. It’s a way to give you immediate control of your site while being able to commit changes.

It’s basically a utility tool the lets you manage the site without browser support.

In this video, Marco shares everything from getting started with WP-CLI to more advanced functions and features.

Installing WP-CLI

Installing the WP-CLI isn’t overly difficult. Marco shows how to do so as well as how to find installation folders. You can easily do this for Mac and Windows computer systems.

And if you’re unsure if WP-CLI is installed, you can always run a PHP command to check.

php wp-cli.phar --info

This command will show the file directories and information regarding the command-line interface.

Commands for CLI You Need to Know

Marco goes over some of the most important commands for managing WordPress. Starting with the basics, you learn how to control the CLI to perform several key operations.

This includes the ability to change directories, make directories, create files, superuser commands, and more.

Additionally, Marco shows common errors that may crop up while using the WordPress CLI as well as how to fix them. Loaded with a lot of examples, you can see how the CLI works and what is manageable form the system.

Another incredible aspect of the interface is being able to create your own commands for various purposes. In this webinar, you’ll see how to make some of your own specific to your needs.

CLI is Advanced, but It’s a Great Tool to Learn

Now, not everyone is going to need to learn WP-CLI. It is more of an advanced feature to give near-absolute control of the WordPress website. In many regards, it is a faster method of development, especially for designers who have many sites themselves or manage a large number of client websites.

Take the time to learn the system and save yourself a lot of work.

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