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WordPress is by far the most popular content management system we host here at GreenGeeks. I had the pleasure of sitting down with our System Adminstrator Karl Davids today to go over what makes GreenGeeks the perfect WordPress hosting provider.

Q:  So Karl, What do you do here at GreenGeeks?

A: I am one of the senior systems administrator’s and work to ensure that our entire server fleet are online 24×7 and performing their best. One of my jobs is to ensure our servers work flawlessly with WordPress. Customers will see me around the support desk on occasion as I do quality assurance checks to ensure customers have the best technical experience.

Q: Why is WordPress so important to the hosting industry?

A: WordPress is important to the industry and GreenGeeks for many reasons. It has completely revolutionized the website building process in allowing everyday computer users to create beautiful and useful sites in just a few clicks. WordPress is great because if you want it to be simple, it can make you a great site very fast. But if you want to make something more complex, or create an e-commerce site with a plugin like Cashie Commerce, it can do that for you really well.

Q: I host my own WordPress sites with GreenGeeks, and they are always so lightning fast. How does GreenGeeks make that happen?

A: I wish I could say that being a great WordPress host is easy, but it requires a lot of hard work and dedication by our team. We saw the potential of WordPress early on at GreenGeeks, and this allowed us to design our servers to work flawlessly with the software. Things run so smoothly because:

– GreenGeeks uses only the most high-end servers with RAID-10 drives which give insanely fast read and write speeds. Our fleet has 24GB of DDR3 RAM per server so that each site can have plenty of resources and we use the latest most powerful Intel CPU’s.

– Our servers are NEVER oversold. The budget hosts out there throw as many users as they want on a box to make a quick buck. It is a policy we refused to do since day 1, and we will never change that.

– We match all of our server software to work with WordPress right away. From our MySQL, PHP, and Apache, everything is finely tuned from WordPress.

– Installing WordPress takes no time with our Softaculous apps installer, located at the bottom of every cPanel.

Q: Customers sometimes tell me that WordPress is insecure. Is that true?

A: WordPress is an incredibly popular piece of software, and just like anything popular, people will always try to take it down a notch. GreenGeeks has customers covered in every way we can to keep your WordPress sites secure including special tenant isolation technology, which isolates accounts from one another preventing abusive customers affecting other customers. But customers need to keep WordPress updated as well as all plugins to protect themselves. GreenGeeks offers a WordPress security service for those interested, just contact support by visiting your Account Manager.

Q: Thank you for talking to me today, Karl. Any Final words for our customers?

A: It has been my pleasure to explain WordPress and GreenGeeks to our blog. For all those potential customers, feel free to call us any time at 1-877-ECO-SITE and one of our sales representatives will be happy to go over what makes our systems special to you. If you are an existing customer and need some help with your WordPress blog, we are here 24×7 to assist you.

Have a great week everyone!


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