How To Clear Search History in Safari

Sometimes it is a good idea to clear a search history. Reasons vary, but sometimes you find yourself in a spot where it needs to be done. You can easily clear Safari search history in just a few simple steps.

This process will delete all of your recent searches and page visit history that has occurred while using the Safari web browser. This shouldn’t be confused with a clear browser cache operation, as they are two different things.

Your search history is everything that you’ve entered into the Search bar, while your browsing history is a record of all the websites you’ve visited.

Use the following simple technique to clear Safari search history. This will clear Safari browser search no matter what version of Safari you are using.

Clear Safari Search History

To get this started open the Safari browser from your desktop. You will be able to delete your recent searches within the browser.

Open the safari browser on desktop

Now that the Safari browser is open click the URL bar. If you are using an older version of Safari with a separate Search bar, click the Search bar instead.

Click on the url search bar

The page that comes up when you open your browser is the Safari homepage you have set. You can set your homepage to Google or any other homepage you want. That is up to you.

Delete any URL that is currently in the Search bar. This will ensure that your recent searches are displayed automatically below the bar.

Again, this may look different on older versions of Safari. The screenshot below is from the newest version of the Safari Browser.

Dropdown box will show in safari browser

Now click on the “History” tab on the top left of the Safari browser and select “Clear History” from the dropdown menu.

Click the history tab and then click on clear history

A popup box will appear asking you to select the time period you would like to clear history from. Make the selection you feel appropriate and click on the “Clear History” button to complete the task.

Make selections in popup box and clear history

Note: If you want to remove a single entry only from the Safari search history this can be handled from the Bookmarks tab. Simply click on the “Bookmarks” tab, search for the entry you want to delete, and right click it and select “Delete.”

That’s it. A quick and easy way to clear Safari search history when it is called for.

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