How to Disable Remember Me in WordPress Login

Are you looking for a way to disable remember me in WordPress login? The remember me option in your WordPress login allows you to avoid signing in when you visit the website for up to two weeks. This is extremely convenient for visitors who use their private computer to visit, but what about visitors who log in on public computers?

Using this feature on public computers creates a serious security risk for the account. This means that another individual can gain access to the account without needing to log in. Most major websites have safeguards that can track if a visitor is using a private or public computer. Today, I will demonstrate how to disable remember me in WordPress login using the Remember Me Controls plugin.

Why Disable Remember Me in WordPress

While the remember me option is extremely convenient, there is no denying the potential security risk involved. Protecting your WordPress login is one of the most important security priorities you should focus on. Not only does it protect your visitors’ accounts, but it also helps fight against spam bots.

Trust me when I say this, spam bots want to get access to your website, especially when you require logging in to leave a comment. Keeping them out helps prevent your comments section from becoming an advertisement frenzy. This keeps the focus of the comments section on what’s important, the content.

Let’s not forget that it is not only visitors who use the remember me feature. It is very possible that staff members or administrator accounts will use the feature. You do not want an administrator account getting into the wrong hands or any other user role with enough privileges. Thus, every website should consider removing the remember me option in WordPress.

How to Disable Remember Me in WordPress Login

Today, I will demonstrate how to disable remember me in WordPress login using the Remember Me Controls plugin. This plugin allows you to customize how the remember me option works. You can use the plugin to automatically check the remember me box, change how long you will remain logged in, or completely disable the option. It is very quick to set up and should only take a minute to complete.

Installing Remember Me Controls

Let’s start by clicking on Plugins and selecting the Add New option on the left-hand admin panel.

Search for Remember Me Controls in the available search box. This will pull up additional plugins that you may find helpful.

Scroll down until you find the Remember Me Controls plugin and click on the “Install Now” button and activate the plugin for use.

On the left-hand admin panel click on Settings and select the Remember Me option. This will pull up the main settings page.

Here you will see three options. The first will automatically check the remember me box, the second will remember the login forever, and the third will remove the remember me option from the WordPress login. Check the “Disable the “Remember Me” feature?” box.

Click on the “Save Changes” button.

Log out of your WordPress website and check the login screen. The Remember Me option will no longer appear.

Congratulations, you have successfully disabled the remember me option in WordPress and improved the login security in WordPress. If at any time you want to undo the changes, simply go back into the plugin’s settings and uncheck the box. You can also delete the plugin as well.

Protect Your WordPress Login

Account security should be a major concern for every website. Once accounts become compromised and visitors find out, they lose confidence in the website. A website that does not have visitors’ confidence will lose them quickly. There are many ways to enhance your website’s security with plugins in WordPress.

Account security is not exclusive to visitors, staff members are in just as much danger. It will be much worse if an account with privileges gets compromised. The hacker could delete your content, steal valuable information, and shut down your website. The most common way accounts get hacked is through brute force attempts, so stay alert.

How easy did you find the Remember Me Controls plugin? What measures have you taken to secure your WordPress login screen?

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