Gamification Plugin for WordPress

How to Add Gamification for Customer Loyalty in WordPress

Are you looking for a gamification plugin for WordPress? If so, you’ll be pleased to know there are a plethora of options that can add rewards, ranks, and so on to your website for just interacting with it.

Gamification is the process in which you turn ordinary chores into something more engaging. It’s all about making it a game and one of the driving points behind why many companies offer reward and loyalty programs. The more entertained guests are, the more likely they’ll spend money.

When it comes to adding gamification for customer loyalty in WordPress, your options are plentiful. You can do everything from running contests to cash-back programs for every purchase made. The hardest part is picking which methods you want to use as all of them can have great benefits.

In this tutorial, I’ll go over several WordPress loyalty program plugins you can install right now. Engage your customers by finding those tools that add a bit of flare to your site.

Importance of Gamification

Gamification is a widely accepted practice in today’s market. Many businesses put this aspect to work among employees. Instead of making a job seem mundane, it’s viewed more as a way to “score” against competition while collecting rewards.

It’s this rewarding system that delivers the greatest impact among today’s shoppers. It’s not a new practice, but it has grown exponentially in the online community.

Back in the day, you could get a punch card as part of a loyalty program. Buy 10 coffees and get the 11th one free. Nowadays, most of these applications are handled in the digital space.

Gamification is a proven method of driving sales, improving leads, and strengthening the bonds between customers and merchants. It boosts reputation while driving repeat business.

It’s one of the reasons why many WordPress users install interactive UX designs for their websites.

11 WordPress Gamification Plugins to Try

1. Gratisfaction


Gratisfaction is probably one of the more intricate plugins in this list. It offers a variety of ways to engage your customers ranging from newsletter subscriptions to points for social shares. Giveaways, referrals, reward points, and more are all available in this tool.

If you use external platforms to make sales, such as Etsy, this plugin integrates with those customers. You can then offer discounts for Etsy buyers on your Shopify store, for example.

You can also add the Gratisfaction Social Contest plugin to take the system even further. This lets you connect to potential customers like never before on sites like Facebook while customizing your campaigns.

The only real drawback to Gratisfaction is the limitation the free version has in place. You can only offer up to 100 customers the loyalty program. After that, you need to buy the premium version of the plugin.

Features of Gratisfacation

  • Includes a variety of templates for any campaign
  • Includes treasure hunt games for major shopping events like Black Friday
  • Create sweepstakes where users can get bonus entries for participating in events
  • Refer-a-friend-campaign
  • Create a loyalty system to reward customers

2. TeraWallet


WooCommerce hosting is perhaps one of the most popular ways to sell goods from WordPress. Having something like TeraWallet only expands what you can offer to customers as well as streamlines your business practice.

TeraWallet is a payment system where customers can add to their balance using a preferred method of payment. It works like any other digital wallet as it provides partial payment abilities, processes refunds, and allows users to transfer amounts to others.

The reason it’s on my list today is because of the cashback capability it has as well. You can choose to give customers a chance to earn money back according to the amount of money they spend, a certain product they buy, or according to product categories.

For example, you could promote a category specifically for charity items and give shoppers cash back when they buy from those select items.

Features of TeraWallet

  • Transfer wallet amounts between users
  • Supports cashback deals
  • Create low wallet balance notifications
  • Supports WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • Supports multiple language translations

3. myCred


The myCred plugin is an excellent choice to gamify your WordPress site and keep users engaged. It supports multiple ranking systems like user ranks, badges, and points that can be used to keep users grinding.

Naturally, these systems integrate with a rewards system that you can customize to ensure profitability. Rewards can vary from digital goods like badges to discount coupons users can use.

This system has multiple premium add-ons you can choose from to add new functionality. For instance, the Social Share add-on allows you to track when users share your content on social media and award them points for doing so.

Features of myCred

  • Choose from different types of “treasure” to award users with
  • Free and open-source
  • Compatible with most major plugins like Jetpack, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, and more
  • Points can be used as store currency
  • Send out emails about their point balance

4. Social Boost

Social Boost gamification plugin for WordPress

By the same developers who make Gratisfaction, Social Boost is more geared towards a social media presence. Although it does have functionality for on-site marketing, it shines most when integrated with social sites like Facebook, YouTube, or Pinterest.

The system comes with a wide range of campaigns for social engagement such as “share & win” and “comment & win” elements. In reality, you can provide offers and discounts for most interactions with a social media account.

You can’t deny the impact of social media, and this plugin gives you the ability to engage all of those potential shoppers. Unfortunately, the system only allows up to 50 leads for free. If you want to take it further, you have to buy the premium version.

Features of Social Boost

  • Create refer-a-friend-campaigns
  • Supports social media entries into contests and giveaways
  • Integrates with Google Analytics
  • Supports any language translation
  • Create quizzes with prizes

5. Beans


Beans comes with several tools for gamification of your WooCommerce store. Not only does it provide points for purchases, but users can also use a built-in dashboard to see the status of things like referral bonuses and tracking their expenses.

One of the highlights of this system is the integration. It works with a variety of systems such as MailChimp. Combining a reward program with a strong email service can do wonders to generate leads, sales, and better brand awareness.

You can set Beans to notify users of existing credit while creating time-based campaigns to promote urgency among customers. People are often more likely to spend the credit if they experience a “use-it-or-lose-it” element.

Like others in this list, Beans is only available for free on a limited basis. It lets you provide a loyalty program for up to 50 transactions per month. Afterward, you need to subscribe to a monthly payment plan.

Features of Beans

  • Create information hubs for events
  • Create behavioral emails to better target users
  • Analytics help you determine how successful campaigns are
  • Integrates with most platforms like Facebook and MailChimp
  • Create a referral program

6. GamiPress

GamiPress gamification plugin WordPress

GamiPress is one of the easiest plugins to use if you want to gamify your WordPress website. You can reward users points for regular website use, create achievements for users to earn, and even create ranks for users to climb.

These systems help keep users coming back and engaging with your site content. You can also socialize these features. For example, if you create an achievement for posting 100 times, you can show off users who have accomplished it.

This can help spark friendly rivalries and make power users aware of each other. And you can even make some of these achievements time-limited. All of these features are free to use, so there’s no reason to not give it a shot today.

Features of GamiPress

  • Includes a log system to track progress
  • Share achievements on social media
  • Require specific ranks to access newer challenges
  • Create conditional requirements for achievements
  • Send out congratulatory emails

7. BadgeOS


BadgeOS claims it is the first gamification plugin for WordPress. It focuses on creating a badge and achievement system for users to enjoy. There are also ranks for users to climb to help keep them active members of the community.

You can create clear steps for each achievement you create and show the progress your users have made toward earning them. All of the badges that users earn can be shared to help show off their accomplishments.

BadgeOS also comes with an extensive add-on library that you can use to extend functionality. For example, the Badge Builder allows you to design your badges and icons for the rewards you hand out.

Features of BadgeOS

  • Integrates with LearnDash
  • Allow users to nominate each other for rewards
  • Users can transfer points between one another
  • Use shortcodes to easily place leaderboards
  • Create a maximum point threshold

8. BePro Points WooCommerce

BePro Points WooCommerce

BePro Points WooCommerce is a premium add-on for WooCommerce that introduces a point system. This gives users the option to earn rewards for the purchases they make, and to use those points to make purchases on your storefront.

You can enable it on any product or choose select products that the currency can be used on. This can help you avoid allowing popular items to be bought with points, or when stock for an item is low.

You can also customize which products reward points. This can be a good way to incentivize shoppers to buy bigger ticket items if they know they will earn something in return.

Features of BePro

  • Can grant rewards for product reviews
  • Allow users to buy points directly
  • Builds customer loyalty
  • Create your conversion rate
  • Easily adjust point values at any time

9. Captain Up

Captain Up

Captain Up is yet another excellent loyalty system plugin for WordPress that includes a variety of gamification systems to keep your users coming back. They boast that it will double your user retention.

With it, users can create rewards, leaderboards, seasonal tournaments, or battle passes similar to video games, and much more. It focuses on gamifying your WordPress experience, but the results speak for themselves.

There is a lot of social engagement to keep the community interacting with each other and share options for social media. This can help spread the word about what you offer. It may just be the best gamification plugin for WordPress.

Features of Captain Up

  • In-app messaging
  • Choose from dozens of badges
  • Export data at any time to analyze
  • Create status levels to differentiate clientele
  • Create prize drops

10. WP Optin Wheel

WP Optin Wheel gamification plugin WordPress

Wp Optin Wheel is a little different than the other entries on this list. This plugin focuses on growing your email list by gamifying your email newsletter signups. Essentially, you get to spin a wheel if you sign up.

You can add all kinds of prizes, from discount codes to actual items. It is really up to you. And just to be clear, not every spin is going to be a winner, so don’t worry about it being a costly addition.

Since email marketing continues to be one of the best ways to market your website content, gamifying the sign-up process is a very effective way to grow your email subscriber list.

Features of WP Optin Wheel

  • GDPR ready
  • Includes multiple templates to choose from
  • Translation ready for any language
  • Can work in pop-ups or click-to-play campaigns
  • Simple setup

11. MyRewards

MyRewards gamification plugin WordPress

Closing out this list is the MyRewards plugin. It is an add-on for WooCommerce to introduce a loyalty program to your store. It is gamified to help keep users coming back for more as they climb the ranks.

Simply put, every time a user makes a purchase they can earn points. You can also incentivize reaching milestones by creating rewards for making X number of purchases. For instance, you can add extra rewards for the first purchase, or even the tenth.

The points can then be used to generate discount coupons for your store. You can exclude certain items if you wish, or you can use the points themselves as a currency users can use to make purchases.

Features of MyRewards

  • Send out reward emails
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Reward points for past purchases
  • Earn points for referrals
  • Simple setup

Install A Gamification Plugin in WordPress Today

Gamification is only one method of creating loyal customers. It promotes a symbiotic relationship between your business and those who are interested in buying products. It’s also a proven method to create repeat business from shoppers, which will impact the overall success of the business.

Which gamification plugin did you install in WordPress? Has a gamification plugin improved your WordPress experience?