Selecting a Name for Your Web Hosting Business

A lot of people who are looking to enter the web hosting reseller industry put a great emphasis on selecting a name and rightfully so — however, you should not kill yourself over the name. Customers won’t sign up with your reseller hosting service solely based on how cool your name is. They will however sign up to your service based on the reputation you create for the name.

Here are a few pointers to go by when choosing a name for your web hosting business:

  • Pick a domain that has been around for some time.
    It’s smart to invest in a good domain name that has at least been registered for a couple of years. While customers are looking into your brand, they won’t see that it’s just been registered.  Customers will want to know how long you have been in business, and they won’t ask you directly but rather check on the WHOIS data. So it’s better to get a domain name that has been around for a while.You can find already registered domain names at sites such as,’s not the end of the world if you’re unable to find an already established domain. There’s nothing wrong with starting out with a fresh domain name. Selecting an existing name only helps you in case your potential customers are wondering how long you have been in business.
  • An easy to remember domain nameThis one is quite simple, pick a name that is easy to pronounce, spell and remember. Word of mouth is a huge part of the business and if you have a extremely long domain name or a domain that sounds alike, then you’re losing business. I’m sure you’ve heard of “KISS” before — Keep It Simple Stupid.
  • SEO Friendly Name
    Try to include a keyword in the domain name that you’re targeting, say for example you’re selling web hosting to Lawyers, you could have a domain like or This in some cases will give you a better chance of getting listed prominently for your niche keyword. However, it doesn’t mean anything if you do not have any one linking to you… so while it’s good to have it’s not extremely important.

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