Selecting the Right Hosting Platform for Your Hosting Business

Starting with the right platform from the start will save you a lot of hassles later down the road. There are tons of options such as reseller hosting, VPS or a dedicated server, but it’s suggested that you use reseller hosting to start off with. It’s the solution that makes the most sense when starting out, it is inexpensive ($19 to $25/month) and has all the features and tools you would need to make your web hosting business succeed.

You may be asking what about VPS and dedicated servers? Well, there is no point in overspending on resources unless you’ve got many clients. It’s easy to upgrade down the road with the right hosting provider. There’s also a learning curve involved with those technologies, so it is best to start with a reseller hosting account and work your way up.

There are several reseller hosting options on the market, but the most popular one is WHM/cPanel.

The WHM/cPanel Reseller Hosting Account

The industry’s most popular reseller account is powered WHM/cPanel. There’s only a couple of draw backs 1) It does not support Windows hosting, not yet anyway and 2) customers could easily backup and move to another cPanel-powered host — but that will make it easy for you to take customers as well. Besides that, WHM/cPanel will be your best friend in this industry. The control panel cPanel is the most commonly used web hosting control panel on the planet and that means that if there is ever a problem, you can simply search it on Google and find a fix.

In addition to that, because WHM/cPanel is so widely used, there are tons of 3rd party applications that integrate and make life easier on the web host and on the end-user, increasing customer satisfaction.

A lot of people who set out to start their web hosting business look at price as the only determining factor when choosing a reseller hosting provider to depend on. It’s highly recommended that you avoid doing that and focus on quality and reputation of the hosts you’re looking at. You and your business need to depend on the hosting provider, cheaping out is going to only cause you problems in the future.

When setting out to select a dependable reseller host, make sure you do your research. Be sure to check out GreenGeeks, as we offer exceptional quality, affordability and reputation for web hosting businesses to depend on including easy upgrades, support and more.

The Turn-key Reseller Account

It’s strongly suggested that you stay away from turn-key solutions that are provided by GoDaddy or Enom. They create ready-made sites that all you to sell everything under the sun. While this may sound great, it’s not. These types of solutions make it impossible to actually grow your business to anything respectable and on top of that you wouldn’t learn a thing except for how to make a sale by sending traffic to sites that look and work exactly like your competitors — except the logo is different.

You lose the freedom of being independent. You’re limited to what they offer and don’t offer. Your pricing is determined by their wholesale price along with a whole bunch of other limitations.

In the end, the decision is yours. If you’re serious about your web hosting business, stay away from turn key solutions.

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