Selecting a Domain Reseller Provider

When providing web hosting services it is natural to offer domain registration services as well. Just like when you purchase a cell phone plan, it is easier to just buy the phone with the cell phone provider.

There are a dozens of domain reseller providers but the most popular and most complete is eNom, which will allow you to register all the major TLD’s. When you purchase reseller hosting service with GreenGeeks, you get a free enom domain reseller account, this saves you $1600 in set up fees with eNom.

API vs Turn-Key Resellers

There are two main types of domain reseller accounts in the industry, turn-key and then there is the API version.

The Turn-Key Reseller Account provides you with a custom “clone” of the domain registrar’s full working website and from here you’ll be able to sell domain names. This method is fairly simple in that you simply send customers to this portal and they will be able to buy domains. The customer will pay the registrar directly and not you and then you’ll be able to collect the accumulated funds from the registrar.

This solution is great for those who do not intend to start a true web hosting business. The solution that is recommended for operating a real web hosting business is the API version.

The API version which is offered by most reseller services that offer Turn-Key Reseller accounts allows you to seamlessly integrate into your order flow/billing system. This means a bit more work upfront but in the end it will allow you to experience seamless growth and a positive experience for the customer.

As mentioned earlier, eNom is the preferred domain reseller provider. They offer both the turn-key account, which is called Instant Reseller. While this may be the quickest way to start selling domains, it also leaves you without any behind the scenes work and that means you’re left without the experience.

It’s recommended that you use eNom’s API which will allow you to seamlessly sell domains to customers. The great part is, if you’re using popular client management systems like WHMCS or ClientExec, you just have to insert a username and password to enable the API (all the actual coding work is already done).

Now with eNom you have to be an Enom Technology Partner and can cost you up to $1600 plus deposits to be used towards domain registrations and to get their wholesale pricing. The good news is that there are a lot of web hosting providers who can set up sub-resellers where you can save the initial cost of becoming an Enom Technology Partner. For example, with GreenGeeks, you’re able to enom reseller account saving the initial setup cost.

You can also search for it on Google by typing in “enom reseller account”.

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