Web Hosting Client Management and Billing System

If you’re going to be servicing multiple customers, it pays to automate client management and billing. With a web hosting client management and billing system you can perform the following tasks:

  • Take orders and process them with ease
  • Automatically invoice and charge your customers
  • Automatically integrate to register, transfer and renew domain names for your customers
  • Automatically manage their web hosting subscription by creating, suspending, un-suspending and terminating web hosting accounts on your servers
  • Enable you to have customer support through a help desk and knowledge base
  • Manage a whole slew of other items that make your life easier.

There are a lot of web hosting client management systems available on the Internet for your use, some are free and some are not. Here are a few that are popular:

  • ClientExec
  • AWBS
  • HostBill

It’s highly recommend that you use WHMCS because they have proven to be a very reliable company and are always advancing. Recently, cPanel has also purchased stake in the company which further solidifies the company. In this training course, we will be using WHMCS as the system of choice.

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