Selecting an SSL Reseller Provider

Your customers will want to sell stuff online and in order for them to make transactions secure, you as the web host must sell SSL (secure socket layer) certificates to the customer. This ensures that the customers website is secure and information that is sent is encrypted.

It’s recommended that when you are selling web hosting, like domains you sell SSL certificates. This is a value added service and makes it easier on the customer to purchase everything they need in one spot.

When it comes to selecting the right SSL reseller provider, just stick with eNom as you do with your domains. They offer small website certificates from $9.95 and range all the way up to 500 per year for premium SSL certificates. This is your cost, you can then mark it up and sell to your customer.

Generally, you want to charge around $30-40 per certificate. This is the standard price for SSL certificates. Don’t be afraid to charge those who are making money with their websites a little money to run their websites.

If you’re a GreenGeeks customer, you get a free eNom reseller account that will get you access to sell SSL certificates. Here’s how you can obtain the eNom reseller account. Alternatively, you can search for “enom reseller account” on Google.

Remember that you also set up an SSL certificate for your site as well. This will bring confidence to online buyers. Without an SSL certificate (that lock in the browser), customers may be turned away thinking their information can be easily hacked into.

2 thoughts on “Selecting an SSL Reseller Provider”

  1. Hi Kaumil,
    You’re quoted on the Let’s Encrypt site as stating that Green Geeks is planning to support their service ( I was just wondering if you could provide a timeline on this? I host a few small community websites and the costs of purchasing certificates is not justified but with the planned anti-HTTP stance the Chrome web-browser intends to take in the near future ( I need to find a workable solution. I believe that Let’s Encrypt would work the best in my situation.

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