10 Great Translations Plugins to Use On Your WordPress Site

wordpress translation plugins

One of the biggest draws of the Internet is the capacity to attract others from various parts of the globe. The system is constantly adding new areas to a vast web of digital interaction across the planet.

Unfortunately, the barrier of language is still present when trying to communicate with others in a foreign land. Luckily, WordPress can eliminate many of those walls with translation plugins.

When choosing WordPress translations plugins, you need to take note of the market you’re aiming at. For example, it may be pointless to invest in a system than only supports European languages if you want to communicate with people in the Asian countries.

Here are 10 great plugins you can easily install that you may find exceptionally useful when setting up your global empire.

1. GTranslate


GTranslate utilizes Google’s own translation service to automatically convert your site in more than 90 different languages.

It comes equipped with the ability to open a translated page in a new window while offering dropdown selection with flag representations. The plugin also comes with analytic abilities to enhance data collection.

2. Google Language Translator

Google Language Translator

The Google Language Translator is a simple plugin that gives your site support for various countries around the globe. The switcher built into the plugin lets you choose specific languages to display or to allow all of those supported.

The plugin also provides a custom CSS field if you want further customizable options for the translator.

3. Google Website Translator

Google Website Translator

Google Website Translator has a lot of customization options available for creating a multilingual website. Styling modes, alignments and a hexadecimal color pallet are only some of the features you’ll find with this plugin.

You’ll also find this tool to be mobile-friendly by delivering responsiveness to front-end functions.

4. TranslatePress


TranslatePress puts control of the website language in the hands of the visitor. Through front-end options, users can change the site to something they can read. You also have access to shortcodes for output to specifics posts or pages.

This plugin also supports WooCommerce giving you a way to sell to those in other countries.

5. Weglot Translate

Weglot Translate

One of Weglot Translate’s more attractive features is being SEO compatible. Every translated page of content is indexed by Google which has potential to improve site visibility all over the globe.

The best part is you don’t need WordPress .PO files for languages. The plugin is automatic, optimized and great for those who need a quick method of translating a website.

6. Easy Translator

Easy Translator

Easy Translator allows you to use Google and Bing language databases on your website in the form of a widget. Users can select the language from a dropdown box and have the current page converted.

The Pro version allows for a bit more customization such as color changing and email support.

7. Polylang


Polylang is perhaps one of the most popular and long-running translation plugins for WordPress. With more than 400,000 active installs, many people trust this tool when building a multilingual website.

This plugin supports RSS feeds, custom post types and various custom taxonomies. It also provides a customizable widget for the sidebar of your website.

8. Lingotek


Lingotek taps a variety of input methods such as allowing a community to offer translated solutions. It uses a Cloud-based management system that is accessible by other platforms outside of WordPress as well.

You can also set the system to be automatic using an API to access the database.

9. My WP Translate

My WP Translate

For those who simply want to create content for a different language entirely, My WP Translate would be the tool to use.

It adds a section onto the editor in WordPress that allows you to convert the content you write directly onto the post or page.

10. Transposh


Transposh gives you access to Google, Bing, Yandex and Apertium databases giving you over 110 languages available for the site. The plugin also translates meta tags, titles and other things you might not see but are important for SEO.

Like several others in this list, Transposh also provides a widget to use on the front end of your site.

Really Take Your Site Global

Many WordPress translations plugins will automatically shift languages according to a person’s geographic location. Otherwise, buttons are made available so the user can select his or her native language.

In either case, you need to find a plugin that is going to work for your cause. Whether you’re focusing your market on a specific geographic locale or you simply want foreigners to read your content, it’s always good to have a translator installed.

Do you plan on focusing on a global market from your WordPress website in the future? Which country gives you the most traffic, other than your own?

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