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19 of the Best Free Gutenberg Themes for WordPress

Since the release of Gutenberg, WordPress developers have been busy trying to upgrade and push out compatible Gutenberg-ready themes. And in that time, these developers have now caught up and put together a lot of free Gutenberg themes available for everyone.

A WordPress Gutenberg theme is what you need now, as WordPress continues to move away from the classic editor. Even though WordPress will support the classic editor through the end of 2021, you must have a grasp of everything Gutenberg-related before then.

Not only are WordPress users searching for new layouts, but they are searching for the best free Gutenberg themes available. Below you will find a list of some of the most attractive that are available for immediate download.

What is Gutenberg?

In case you don’t know what has been going on in the world of WordPress over the last year, Gutenberg is the major release of WordPress that incorporates the new block editor. I get all kinds of interesting questions about Gutenberg, but the bottom line is that this is where WordPress is going.

It is time to get on board.

The block editor allows for a lot more freedom and functionality as opposed to the classic text editor that we have all grown familiar with. Instead of trying to add text, images, colors, and line heights all in one massive text editor, the Gutenberg block editor shifts focus to blocks.

Each block acts as its own area of the post or page, and within that specific block, you can perform a function. You simply choose the block you want and go from there. You can even create Gutenberg reusable blocks in WordPress and have them on file for future use. This saves you a lot of time building once you have created a specific block you like.

The Best Free Gutenberg Themes

With a Gutenberg WordPress theme, you will be able to more easily build using blocks. Updating content is easy, and you can even build your own blocks and export and import them for use on other websites.

Here are 19 of the best free Gutenberg themes now available.

1. Clean Blocks

Clean block free gutenberg theme

Clean Blocks is a free Gutenberg theme that is simple but packed with power. It has a beautiful design with several layout options and is built for any type of WordPress site you are building.

With features like a content slider, portfolio, hero content, and header video options, this WordPress Gutenberg theme is about as complete as it comes.

2. Neve

Neve wordpress theme

With more than 82,000 downloads, Neve has quickly become one of the best and most popular Gutenberg themes for WordPress. You can use this theme for business or creative purposes. It has a clean, fast code design and is fully compatible with WooCommerce.

The theme is also compatible with all the major WordPress page builders, including Elementor. Definitely a theme you will want to check out.

3. Hestia

Hestia gutenberg theme

Hestia was specifically designed for small businesses and startups. It comes with an intuitive and mobile-friendly design. It is built to be an excellent fit for both corporate and creative purposes.

The theme provides a clean and flexible appearance, an elegant portfolio, and a catchy online shop. It may have everything you need in a Gutenberg WordPress theme

4. Newsphere

Newsphere wordpress theme

Newsphere is a free Gutenberg theme that is perfect for blogs, magazines, and news-related websites. The layout and design were specifically created to look and feel like an interactive news portal.

It features sticky header toggles, WooCommerce integration, footer widgets, and much more. It is also fully responsive and translation-ready.

If you are thinking of launching a news site, this theme is for you.

5. GeneratePress


GeneratePress may just be the most popular free theme in WordPress with over 400,000 active installs. And as you might expect from one so popular, it’s a multipurpose theme or one that can handle just about anything.

One of the best parts of it is that it provides you with a variety of templates for different kinds of websites. Usually, only premium themes offer this feature. On top of this, the theme is lightweight, so speed is guaranteed.

6. Elemento Photography

Elemento gutenberg photography theme

Elemento Photography is a free Gutenberg theme that is specifically designed for photographers. Even though it is a multi-purpose theme, Elemento has the designer in mind. The pre-made template comes in a parallax style and is visually appealing to designers and site visitors alike.

With the NextGEN gallery plugin already included and the ability to create multiple photo galleries, Elemento has everything a photographer needs to get their work online for free.

7. Blocksy

Blocksy wordpress theme

If you are looking for a fast, lightweight, multi-purpose theme, then look no further than Blocksy. Designed to build any type of WordPress site, Blocksy was created with Gutenberg in mind. So creating and designing with Gutenberg will be as easy as ever.

This free Gutenberg theme also supports every major WordPress page builder. Designing and creating with Blocksy is simple and fun.

8. Gutenshop


Gutenshop was created to allow the ability to automatically merge the world of Gutenberg and the world of WooCommerce. The theme is ideal for eCommerce websites and other forms of sales.

With a lightning-fast loading speed, solid code, SEO optimization, and plenty of widget areas, the Gutenshop theme is a solid free Gutenberg theme.

9. Music Lite

Music lite wordpress gutenberg theme

Music Lite is a Gutenberg-ready WordPress theme designed with musicians in mind. If you have a band, are an instrumentalist, singer, DJ, or anything else in the music industry, then this theme is perfect for you.

It has a simple, smooth, clean look and feel. The theme is fully customizable and has a ton of behind-the-scenes options available. With built-in SEO and multiple widget areas, musicians can build a solid website.

10. Willer

Willer free wordpress theme

The Willer Gutenberg-ready theme is easy to use and provides you with multiple layout options. A slick slide-out menu, tons of portfolio options, super clean code, and a fully responsive design give this theme the upper hand for free Gutenberg themes.

Willer is perfect for your brand, company, or portfolio. The theme does it all so be sure to give it a look.

11. SKT Consulting

SKT consulting theme

The SKT Consulting WordPress theme is a free Gutenberg theme that is perfect for any type of consulting business. It is compatible with WooCommerce and built with SEO in mind.

The theme shows correctly on all-size screens and mobile devices while providing a clean and modern feel that is easy on the eyes. Design and set up your consulting website in no time at all with this theme.

12. Zigcy Lite

Zigcy free gutenberg wordpress theme

Zigcy Lite is actually a free Gutenberg theme built for WooCommerce and online selling. It comes complete with a deep WooCommerce integration package and plenty of layouts.

Plus, you can use the Gutenberg block editor to build all sorts of stunning post and page layouts.

13. Getwid Base

Getwid Base

Getwid Base is an excellent choice when it comes to Gutenberg. In fact, the team behind the theme, MotoPress, even has a dedicated Getwid plugin to add additional blocks to the content editor.

And yes, they’re fully compatible with one another. The theme itself sports a minimal design and gives off a professional vibe, which makes it perfect for small businesses.

14. GuCherry Blog

GuCherry Blog

If your blog is looking for a minimalist design to let your content be the focal point, look no further than GuCherry Blog. This theme can suit just about any blog or writing style.

It was optimized for speed and is highly customizable. You can easily change the colors and font types within the theme, while also fully supporting most page builder plugins.

15. Roseta

Roseta wordpress theme

Roseta is a fast, clean, smooth, highly customizable WordPress Gutenberg theme. It can be used and built around anything including online shops, blogs, portfolios, business sites, and more.

The theme is very lightweight, mobile-friendly, and utilizes proper SEO to deliver an excellent experience. Roseta is definitely one of the best free Gutenberg themes available on this list.

16. Mizra Blog

Mizra blog theme

The Mizra Blog WordPress Gutenberg theme is a fully responsive theme with multiple layout designs and plenty of backend functionality. It gives users a clean, elegant, modern design that can help create any type of website imaginable.

Mizra provides users complete compatibility with Gutenberg and the classic editor, as it looks to cover all users. With a full-width and boxed-width layout design, Mizra Blog has something for everyone.

17. Creative Blog

Creative blog theme

Creative Blog is a very modern Gutenberg-ready theme that comes with tons of features and minimal design. This Gutenberg blog theme is perfect for all kinds of sites no matter the niche.

With multiple layout designs and plenty of widget areas, users will be able to build a smooth-looking blog that reflects their personality.

18. Elementare

Elementare free gutenberg theme

When it comes to free Gutenberg themes, you won’t find too many better than Elementare. This theme is gorgeous and very easy to use. It is a multi-purpose Gutenberg WordPress theme that specializes in helping users create amazing one-page layouts.

The homepage includes drag-and-drop widget sections allowing you to create stylish and eye-catching designs for your website. Give Elementare consideration if you are looking for a stunning website design that is fully responsive and WooCommerce compatible.

19. Veganos

Veganos free gutenberg wordpress theme

Veganos is yet another clean, responsive, fully customizable, and mobile-friendly free Gutenberg theme.

The entire layout was redesigned to be Gutenberg-ready and features modern, easy-to-read typography and minimalistic design that will have your site visitors coming back for more.

Final Thoughts 

Finding free WordPress themes isn’t difficult, but finding the right one for your needs is often daunting. Add this to the fact that many good themes are being redone to be compatible with Gutenberg, and sometimes you might feel lost.

And this doesn’t include trying to find a small business theme that suits your needs.

There are tons of amazing free Gutenberg themes available online. You just have to look around for them and see what fits best for you. The list above consists of my favorite Gutenberg-ready themes.

Have you seen better free themes anywhere? Feel free to comment and let us know.

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