How to Buy a Domain Name and Start Building Your Website

There are a number of steps to take when you are ready to build a website and market your brand or product. However, the very first thing you need to do is buy a domain name.

There can be no website if you don’t have a domain name. In order to get the domain you want, you have to search and see if it is available. There are also different domain name extensions that can be used.

What you choose will be entirely up to you and how you want to represent your brand.

How to Buy a Website Domain Name

Luckily, if you sign up for a hosting account with GreenGeeks, you get a free domain name. We also offer website domain purchasing within your account.

This means that buying a web domain is possible anytime you want, right from your GreenGeeks account. Prices vary depending on the extension you choose and the number of years you register the domain.

Since GreenGeeks acts as a domain registrar, it is simple and easy to get your free domain name or to buy a domain name from us.

Sign Up for Hosting With GreenGeeks For a Free Domain Name

If it’s time for you to buy a domain name, then signing up for a hosting account with GreenGeeks is a perfect start.

Since you are going to have to buy a website domain name anyway, there is no reason not to take this route. Plus, you can purchase more from us at any time.

To buy or get free domain registration with GreenGeeks, just signup for one of the hosting services offered. You can start from our homepage, or you can simply jump straight to the order form and go from there.

Order web hosting by entering the relevant information and following the steps. As you can see, you will receive a free domain name or a free domain transfer with the purchase of web hosting.

Buy domain name

Buy a Domain Name at GreenGeeks

If you are already registered and a part of the GreenGeeks family, then buying additional website domain names is a simple process. Just follow the steps below.

Log in to GreenGeeks.

Login to GreenGeeks

On the left-side menu, click “Domains,” then the “Register a Domain” link.

Buy a domain name in greengeeks account

Enter the domain name you want to register and click the “Domain Lookup” button to see if the name is available for registration. The system will run through and automatically check for you.

If the domain name is available, you will see text verifying that the domain can be registered. Click the “Go To Next Step” button to move on.

If the domain you searched for isn’t available, you will have to try a variation of what you want. If you’re looking for a single-word .com domain, you may have to add a word and experiment with different configurations before you find an available domain.

Remember that you can try to buy a domain name using different domain extensions.  That single word domain that isn’t available as a .com may be available on a different extension. For example, .org, .net or .me. Did you know that there are almost 250 extensions to choose from?

Search for the domain name you want

You already have a hosting account with GreenGeeks, so no additional information is needed at this point. Simply click the “Go To The Next Step” button and provide payment information.

Buy a domain name payment information

After you’ve entered your preferred payment method, click the “Purchase Domain” button.

That’s it; you’re now the owner of a new domain name registered with GreenGeeks.

Other Popular Domain Name Questions

We get a fair amount of questions regarding domain registration. “Hi, I bought a domain, now what?” That’s a reasonable question!

Here are some of the common domain name questions, and more importantly, the answers to the questions. This should help clear some things up when it comes to buying domain names.

What’s the Best Domain Name Extension?

There is a lot to be said about domain name extensions, how they work, and what they represent. Everyone wants a .com, and they are the easiest to remember. However, a domain name extension can be based on the type of business and website you are building.

Quality content always helps you rank high in search results, and a domain extension has nothing to do with that. Most of your website visitors will arrive at your site after clicking a link, not typing your domain name. As new generations arrive online, the domain extension becomes less critical.

What are Nameservers?

Nameservers associate your domain name with your web host. Think of it as a map to the geographic location of your website. Much like traditional post office mail will have the city, state, and zip code, the nameserver is the location of the server where your site files are stored. Your domain name acts as the actual address at that location.

You can learn how to set nameservers fairly easy within GreenGeeks. If you registered your domain through your GreenGeeks hosting account, the nameservers have already been set for you. Of course, you can change them if necessary.

What About Buying a Domain Name at Auction?

If the domain name you want is taken and you are willing to pay a premium to get it, an auction or broker sale may be a good way to get the domain you’re after. Of course, some domain names will cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Domain owners can sometimes have unrealistic expectations as far as the value of their domains is concerned. If the domain you want is for sale through a broker, don’t hesitate to offer less than the asking price. Negotiation room is often built-in to the asking price.

If you are just starting, then I recommend buying a domain name the cheaper, more traditional way. With a little imagination and ingenuity, you can come up with a domain name that’s available to register, and every bit as good as an older domain that’s for sale.

Older domain names can also have a bad history. A domain used for spamming or one that’s been attached to a site that has engaged in “black hat” SEO can be banned by Google! A newly registered domain name doesn’t come with any such hidden baggage.

Why is a Good Domain Name Important?

Your domain is important for a number of reasons. However, the two biggest reasons you want a good name are for brand recognition and local area searches.

If your domain name doesn’t match (or closely match) your brand name, customers are going to feel a disconnect.

If your website about life in New York is on a domain name that contains “North Carolina,” you’re also going to have credibility issues.

When you build your website the right way, the site content and domain name work together to amplify your message and get your name and brand out to the masses.

Final Thoughts

As we’ve seen, buying a domain name is not a difficult task. In most cases, picking the right domain name will be more stressful and time-consuming than the actual purchase.

Now that you know GreenGeeks offers a free domain with your hosting account, you have a fun and straightforward way to buy a domain name and build your website.

Author: Jeremy Holcombe

Growing up in Hawaii, Jeremy started his freelance writing career doing resumes, business plans, article writing, and everything in between. He now specializes in online marketing and content writing and is part of the Content Marketing Team at GreenGeeks.

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