How to Enable Search Friendly URLs in CubeCart

A URL that is search engine friendly is one that improves how sites like Google display your products for sale in the results page. At a glance, you as well as search engine bots can determine what a particular page is about by the address. For instance, “” makes it easy to tell that the page is “a test.”

Search friendly URLs in CubeCart are now automatic. This means you don’t have to configure CubeCart settings as the system will do the work itself. This is probably because of how important these types of addresses are to success. In fact, I cannot find a section in CubeCart 6 to disable search engine friendly URLs.

If you’re using an older version, it may be time to upgrade your CubeCart. And to be honest, I don’t understand why anyone would not use these types of URLs and still expect a level of success in online sales.

Using Search Friendly URLs in CubeCart

CubeCart will automatically assign the URL to be friendly to search engine queries. Let me show you what I mean by automatic. Let’s say we want to create a new test product called, “Testing with Garden Solar Panels.”

Click the “Products” link in the CubeCart dashboard.

CubeCart Products

Click the “Add Product” tab from the top options.

CubeCart Add Product

Input your Product Name and fill out the item’s info. For this tutorial, I am just going to use the name for now. It’s only a test to show you how search friendly URLs are processed by CubeCart.

Product Name

Click the “Save & Reload” button on the bottom. Save and Reload will keep you in the current product so you can continue to make edits in the other tabs. Once you save your product, CubeCart will automatically create the search engine friendly URL.

Save And Reload

Click the “Search Engines” tab from the top.

Search Engines Tab

As you can see, CubeCart already made the URL search friendly. From this screen, you can change the custom SEO URL path. However, I advise you leave the system to do the work as it will be easier on you as well as tracking information from sites like Google Analytics.

CubeCart Search Friendly URL

You can also edit the meta title, keywords and description of the particular item. This is important if you want your website to score well on the results page of a search.

Customize Your Site for Success

Search friendly URLs are only the start of developing a popular website. From setting up specific payment gateways to offering superior shipping practices, there is a lot you can do to customize the experience. Make your site stand out from the competition. It all starts with good SEO practices.

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