WP Cache can help to speed up your website

WP Cache is one of the earlier Caching plugins used in WordPress. It is an extremely efficient page caching system that makes your site to work swifter and with better responsiveness. You can speed up your websites even when there is a lot of traffic. This plugin changes your dynamic website or blog into a static one by following the server caching technique. This plugin permits the temporary storage of the data at a different place to reduce the load on the server.

Installing WP Cache

You can install the WP Cache plugin from the plugins option in your WordPress dashboard. Activate the plugin after installation and then go the plugin admin page. Activate the plugin on the screen and the plugin will try to auto configure itself. You can verify if the installation has been completed properly and correctly in two ways. Either verify the source code of the website where you can find a message stating the successful caching of your webpage or check the code in the .htaccess file. Now you are done with the entire installation process.

Uninstalling WP Cache

To uninstall the plugin you will have to turn off the caching on the plugin settings page and clear the cache. Now deactivate the plugin in the plugins page and then remove the following:

  • WP_CACHE define from wp-config.php
  • wp-content/wp-cache-config.php files
  • wp-content/cache/ directory
  • wp-cache directory from your plugins directory

Comparison between WP Cache and WP Super Cache

WP Cache

  • This plugin was tried and tested.
  • Though this plugin has been in the market for some time, this lightweight plugin was a heavy contender among caching plugins.
  • Installation and Performance could have been better.
  • No support for WP Cache from WordPress now.

WP Super Cache

  • It has a “lockdown” button, which prepares your machine for a huge slash dotting.
  • Automatically updates your .htaccess file.
  • Whether it is WordPress MU in VHOST or non-VHOST configuration, WPSC works nicely with it.
  • Microsoft Windows is supported in a better way by WPSC.

Top Alternatives for WP Cache

Since WordPress stopped providing the WP Cache plugin, let us explore some of the best alternatives:

  • WP Super Cache: WP Super Cache (WPSC) is one of the top WordPress Caching plugins that helps to generate static HTML files from your dynamic PHP scripts.
  • W3 Total Cache: W3 Total Cache (W3TC) is a notorious storing plugin used in WordPress. Most of the WordPress clients use this plugin mainly for the reason that you can load your site ten times quicker, augment the change rates, augment the execution of web server and reduce the loading time of your pages.
  • Hyper Cache: Hyper Cache is a fantastic Caching framework specially designed for the WordPress sites. This plugin has many useful features such as maintaining gzip and plain pages that are layered, working well with other plugins, redirecting storing and contracting the space. Hyper Cache Clear Link (another WordPress plugin) can be used to clear all the cache created by the Hyper Cache plugin.
  • DB Cache Reloaded Fix:  DB Cache Reloaded Fix is a reserving plugin specially developed for WordPress. This plugin is very much swifter than many other storing plugins as it saves each of the database queries within a specified timeline.
  • Flexi Cache: Flexi cache is a worthy, appreciate able and fantastic storing plugin specifically designed for WordPress. This plugin is very quick and can adapt to multiple storing frameworks.
  • Quick Cache: Quick Cache has a high user-friendly interface with self-explanatory admin options. This plugin provides you with the option to disable caching which would be of a great help to run an active site.
  • WP File Cache: WP File Cache approaches the caching technique in a unique way by caching only parts of the webpage that have been static for a long time. This plugin would be a great option for sites having huge traffic and regular updates.
  • WP Widget Cache: WP Widget Cache works tremendously on caching the blog widget outputs. This plugin helps you increasing the speed of your site by reducing the number of SQL queries reaching your database.
  • WP Fast Cache: WP Fast Cache is another WordPress Caching plugin that purely works on increasing the loading speed of your website. This plugins loads the webpage as fast as it can.

In simple words, WP Cache is a full-page WordPress caching plugin, which creates static pages that are served very quickly by the server. This is a great plugin to make your site to function efficiently. Since it has become obsolete now you can consider WP Super Cache as a must have plugin to speed up your page load time and lower resource consumption. In addition to caching tools, GreenGeeks runs its web hosting using RAID technology ensuring the fastest read/write speeds on our network.

4 thoughts on “WP Cache can help to speed up your website”

  1. Hi, do you recommend using the hosting company’s caching plugin over another plugin? I’m with SG and and even though my settings are set to automatically clear my cache, the online speed test tells me that I should clear my cache.


    1. Every host is different. So, I’m not sure I could fully answer this question. Though, we have Redis caching available on some of our WordPress plans, which makes for a wicked-fast website. In any case, it’s a good idea to test how the site performs with and without a caching plugin. The hosting side may be all you need.

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