Best SEO Practices For Your Business Website

Best SEO Practices

Search engine optimization has changed quite a bit since the early 2000s. What once worked before can actually result in your website being penalized by engines such as Google and Bing.

Making sure the site is compliant with the best SEO practices can ensure that your business pages are still ranking high in the results page. What can be done to keep your site relevant for years to come?

Better Site Security

better site security

In an effort to make the Internet a safer experience for all, search engines are focusing more on the impact of security for websites. This means that URLs that are connected to secure sockets layer, or SSL, score higher in the rankings.

Of course more goes into being listed on the front page, but adding the HTTPS to your domain may be beneficial in the future. This helps visitors feel more comfortable as their information is less likely to be stolen.

In August of 2015, Gary Illyes of Google attested that security is a motivational factor for the search engine giant to score pages higher. Domains that are listed with the HTTPS suffix will more than likely begin to be seen more often on the front page of a search.

The cost to include a secured socket layer may be worth the traffic per year. In fact, the update for how Google handles SSL spans beyond search engines. Even Chrome feels the impact as it will tell visitors whether a site is secure.

Social Media Integration

social media integration

Many experts believe social media has potential to play a more dominant role in the near future for search engine rankings. Although this is a work in progress, it’s an aspect that shows promise for building an online reputation.

Sites such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are starting to appear in search results of some companies. What does this do for improving your business website?

  • Improves the visibility of your pages
  • Supports content developed on your site
  • Demonstrates professionalism
  • Boosts the online reputation of the business

Build Authority

build link authority

Creating an authoritative website enhances SEO rankings. It’s all about developing a reputation for your business or brand. While backlinks will benefit building site authority, there is more to the process than just a blog linking back to one of your pages.

Ways to impact your authority rating include:

  • Inbound links from blogs, forums and other websites
  • Links from social media channels
  • Reviews from other authoritative websites
  • Enhancing your network of off-site authorities – such as making connections on LinkedIn and other platforms

Part of improving your site’s authority comes in the form of content marketing. The more engaging you can make your material, the more people will link to your content.

Essentially, you want to convince others to share and distribute the material of your website with everyone they know. This brings us to the following point…

Focus The Content

focus content

Content is still the primary driving force to any given website. However, you’ll need to start creating material that is more focused regarding the topic to comply with the best SEO practices.

Content that is generalized is becoming buried within the confines of the Internet. If you want to attract visitors or inspire sales and leads, you need information that is more detailed and precise. This can be done by:

  • Creating more unique content
  • Drilling deeper into the topic you’re writing about
  • Delivering information that isn’t common knowledge

Search engines adore unique content. When you regurgitate facts and information on other sites simply to create an article, it doesn’t perform as well.

In essence, you’re in direct competition with potentially thousands of other companies online.

You need the content to stand out.

Center On Geographic Location

geographic location

Since the advent of the smartphone, search engines such as Google have been working to deliver search results that are tailored to a person’s geographic location. This means you need to pay close attention on local SEO marketing.

The GPS systems in mobile devices has been greatly beneficial for businesses that have brick-and-mortar stores.

For example: If someone in Chicago is looking for the best place to buy pizza within driving distance, he or she probably won’t see the results for pizza parlors in Miami.

It’s believed by experts that this localization will eventually drill down to specific communities. You can contribute to this development by:

  • Writing about your immediate area
  • Submitting to directories such as Google Business
  • Contributing to local social groups

For businesses that are purely online, geographic locations may not play as important of a role. This includes Internet-based services and products from eCommerce.

Both of these kinds of business roles may actually perform better by branching out to other locations through direct marketing.

Focus on Mobility


According to numerous studies, mobile access of the Internet has surpassed that of desktop computer systems. This means that every site will perform better if it’s ready for devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Websites that didn’t have mobile versions by April of 2015 lost their ranking due to Google’s algorithm change referred to as, “Mobilegeddon.”

A large number of sites have already been revamped for this technology. However, the process needs to go beyond just having a responsive design. What needs to be addressed in order to optimize the site for smaller screen resolutions?

  • Optimizing images
  • Reducing site clutter from banners, ads and excessive images
  • Removing HTML or other coding that is not conducive to a fast load time

Be Vigilant Regarding SEO

Give your site a chance for continued success by utilizing the best SEO practices. It can be difficult to keep track of the changes search engines make on a regular basis.

Unless you invest in SEO services, you have to be vigilant about keeping current with optimization practices. As information technology continues to develop, so will changes to the infrastructure of search engines.

3 thoughts on “Best SEO Practices For Your Business Website”

  1. Site security can be a major thing that many small businesses overlook. Having an SSL and security system for your site is an absolute must if you want to do any online buying or payments. This will establish trust and integrity for your digital presence. As you mention, it can also help your SEO ranking since you go through the trouble of verifying your business with a third party. I’ll have to keep your other tips in mind if I ever start my own business. Thanks.

  2. There needs to be a blog out there with all the SEO best practices out there. However, I did like the points you touched on. Content and location are two of the biggest contenders in SEO right now, so thanks for outlining the main points and best practices of content and location.

  3. Great article. I look forward to your 2017 version soon. You did a very good job of discussing both the technical aspects such as site security and HTTPS plus the marketing points such as unique content and becoming an authority in your field. thanks

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