10 of the Best SEO Tips for Google Mobile-First Indexing

Mobile-First Index

Approximately 80% of Internet users own a smartphone. It’s no wonder why mobile users surpassed desktop computers for bandwidth used online.

Instead of heading home and getting on the computer to look something up or to chat on Facebook, people can do it while at the grocery store.

Because mobile technology is so prevalent in today’s society, a new way to develop websites has been formulated. Thus enters in the idea of a mobile-first index. Continue reading “10 of the Best SEO Tips for Google Mobile-First Indexing”

The Ultimate Guide On How to Create Awesome Infographics

How To Create Infographics

Infographics are an influential part of online sharing. These data-driven images are often the most shared pieces of content on social media and other digital platforms. Some people will even print them out to use in the real world.

One of the reasons why infographics work so well is because humans are a visual species. Most of us will learn and absorb more information if there is a graphic element involved.

In fact, people are  six times more likely to remember content three days later if it involved a picture. Continue reading “The Ultimate Guide On How to Create Awesome Infographics”

Here are 11 of the Worst Mobile SEO Mistakes Even the Best Marketers Make

SEO Mistakes

Search engine optimization has evolved quite a bit since the development of the first result page. As the years go by, it’s often difficult to keep a handle on all the different algorithm changes and procedures.

However, there are a handful of common SEO mistakes that even the best of us make.

On average, people use mobile devices on the Internet more often than desktop computers. Because of the nature behind smartphones and tablets, optimization needs to be tweaked to accommodate those users.

Even though good web hosting platforms can solve a lot of performance issues when it comes to SEO, the bulk of develop still relies on the developer. A wicked fast server means nothing if the web designer implements poor optimization practices. Continue reading “Here are 11 of the Worst Mobile SEO Mistakes Even the Best Marketers Make”

15 Facebook Advertising Tools That Will Make You a Successful Marketer

Facebook Advertising Tools

According to the numbers, Facebook has an active daily user average of over 1.13 billion. This is approximately 15.5% of the entire population of Earth. It’s no wonder why so many businesses and other professionals use the site for marketing.

Facebook is one of the most utilized websites on the Internet. Learning how to use Facebook advertising tools will help you stay ahead of the competition when marketing to these users.

However, a successful campaign requires more than just setting up a pay-per-click ad in the social media giant. Continue reading “15 Facebook Advertising Tools That Will Make You a Successful Marketer”

21 Proven Ways to Make Amazing Viral Content

viral content

Everyone loves the idea of creating viral content that is shared all over the world. From boosting sales to becoming a celebrity of sorts, creating that one perfect piece of content that everyone sees is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Unfortunately, not everything can reach such levels of popularity.

And not for the lack of trying, either.

Creating something that has potential to become viral is quite subjective. It relies on a lot of factors beyond simply creating a post you thought was perfect. Although you may follow tips to quickly boost social engagement, the actual content still is up to you to create. Continue reading “21 Proven Ways to Make Amazing Viral Content”

Here’s How to Make Your Brand More “Likeable” on Social Media

Social Media Branding Tips

There’s no doubt that social media plays an important role in building a successful brand. On average, Internet users have almost three separate and active social media accounts.

That’s a lot of potential sharing and likes for brands, especially when you consider there are more than three billion Internet users across the globe.

So, how does one get into this wide market and become more “likeable” in sites like Facebook and Twitter? By giving people what they want. In some ways, you can consider this a form of customer service. It’s all about delivering a good experience to your patrons. Continue reading “Here’s How to Make Your Brand More “Likeable” on Social Media”

Here’s How and Why you Need your Site to be Featured on Google Featured Snippet

featured snippet

How many times have you searched for something in Google and found the answer displayed on the top of the page? This is a featured snippet.

It’s one of the more coveted areas of the search engine giant, and it makes a big difference in regards to how people view the site.

Getting into the illustrious “position zero” comes with a variety of benefits. The most notable is that it appears before all other content in a search result page.

Unfortunately, not all types of content are capable of making it into this “power zone” of sorts. That shouldn’t stop you from trying, though.

Continue reading “Here’s How and Why you Need your Site to be Featured on Google Featured Snippet”