Here’s Why Social Media Marketing is Critical in 2016

Importance of social media marketing

Since its development, social media has played a continuous role in how people interact with each other. From a business standpoint, it contributes to how companies interact with potential customers as well. As this has become a powerful method for organizations to reach a target market, many social platforms have integrated methods to help businesses reach their audiences. According to  Statista, 97% of the global share of companies uses social media marketing. Continue reading “Here’s Why Social Media Marketing is Critical in 2016”

How To Re-purpose Your Content Through Social Media Channels

repurpose content

Repurposing your content on social media is a viable method in making sure your best work can be reached by other audiences. While search engines such as Google will penalize your website for copying online content, there is nothing wrong with using the material on other social venues. It’s a method that can give you many social posts from using older content.

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7 Content Marketing Tips For Your Website

content marketing tips

Content marketing has become the means of effectively reaching customers in the digital age. The vast majority of them have tuned out traditional channels of marketing, and the best way to gain their confidence is to provide them with useful content on your company website or blog. This strategic marketing approach focuses on publishing relevant content tied to your business niche on a regular basis. The end goal of this content is to influence buying decisions and to possibly change certain consumer behaviors. Relevant and detailed content is viewed as an open communication channel with customers without directly selling anything to them.

The main challenge is to figure out how to create content that your target customers will respond to and share with their online friends who are likely to be interested in the same subject matter. The logic behind good content is that it will make your customers more informed and educated, and they will in turn reward your business with their continued loyalty. The best approach to content marketing is to integrate it into your overall digital marketing strategy, and the following content marketing tips will help you make the best possible decisions about the content to publish on your business website. Continue reading “7 Content Marketing Tips For Your Website”

5 Reasons Why SEO is Still Key To Your Website Success

see for your website

Search engine optimization has been a solid set of guidelines for website success and visibility. As with all areas of technology, it keeps going through frequent changes and refinements to improve overall performance. SEO by definition is the practice of structuring and promoting a website so that it will receive a steady increase in the number of organic visitors each day. Web search engines are designed to provide targeted traffic to websites based on topic-specific queries that people enter in the search box. The most prominent search engine that places the most emphasis on SEO is Google, though good SEO practices are also essential for successful site visibility in other search engines. The next ones familiar to the most people are Yahoo and Bing. Continue reading “5 Reasons Why SEO is Still Key To Your Website Success”

How to improve your SEO ranking on Google with SSL

Improve SEO Performance with HTTPS

Update: Google announced on December 18, 2015 that they have begun to index HTTPS URLs by default. This means that if both an HTTP and HTTPS (the secured version of the url) are both available, they will automatically choose to index only the HTTPS version. This is the case even if inbound links point mainly or only to the HTTP version of the url. According to Google this is the next step in their “HTTPS everywhere” initiative.

It’s not often that Google divulges any information about how it ranks websites on its search engine and usually leaves the process up to businesses and SEO experts to focus on creating quality websites. However, recently Google announced that the use of HTTPS on a website will be considered a ranking signal in their search algorithm. This will ultimately help the Internet become much safer and secure as webmasters work to take advantage of the search result benefits.

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12 Ways To Build a Landing Page That Converts

E-commerce will give your small business an opportunity to attain more customers. Participating in the virtual economy can help increase your annual business revenue dramatically. This is the primary reason why many business and economic experts encourage small business owners to create a website.

Creating an impressive website is the first step towards having success on the internet. Studies show that a poorly designed website is one of the main reasons why many small business owners fail to succeed with their online endeavors. An impressive website will capture the attention of your potential customers. It will also convince them to purchase your goods or services.

You should always consider using a landing page to make first contact with your prospects. A landing page is designed to help you capture the name and email address of your prospects or have them convert in any other action possible such as going to an intended page, purchasing a product or clicking a specific link. Capturing this vital information can help you build a solid relationship with your customers. Statistics show that less than 20% percent of your prospects will make a purchase during the first visit to your site. A landing page can help you market your products and services to your prospects over a period of time. This will increase your chances of making a sale.

It is critical that you keep a few concepts in mind when it comes time to build a landing page. The twelve tips listed below can help you create an effective landing page. These tips can also help you gain a significant edge over your competitors.

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20 Questions to ask when deciding on Website Ideas

Websites can be generally grouped under three types Personal, Professional and Community Driven sites. Before you start thinking about generating ideas for your website, you need to first categorize your website type. Once you narrow down on the type for your website, everything else will automatically fall in place. Personal and Professional websites can be easily made into a money-making website with the help of Google Adsense.

Some of the questions that can lead to some website ideas…

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