GreenGeeks Speaker Event 2024

Join Us for the Speaker Workshop for Women Voices in Latin America!

On August 24, 2024, GreenGeeks is proud to present the WordPress Speaker Workshop for Women Voices in Latin America! Join us for a 6-hour workshop to help boost your public speaking confidence and create topics related to WordPress on which to provide a talk.

The workshop is in-person event that is free, but there are limited spaces. So, make sure you’re one of the first to secure your spot.

What to Expect from This Event

Women Speakers

This event takes place on Saturday, August 24th. The doors open at 9:45 am with the workshop itself beginning at 10:15 am.

This event is ideal for someone who identifies as a woman either some or all of the time and has thought about speaking at WordPress Meetups or at the WordCamps themselves.

Perhaps you can’t think of a good topic to cover. Maybe you would feel more confident when up on stage with so many eyes on you.

The Speaker Workshop is one of the best ways to help you build that confidence while giving you the tools to figure out great topics that will keep your audience captivated.

What Topics Can You Expect to Cover at This Event?

Participating in the Event

This one-day event will help you with:

  • Overcoming personal obstacles such as impostor syndrome.
    A lot of great people are often held back by their own misgivings of themselves. This event will help you realize that you have a presence and that you belong.
  • Finding a topic for your talk.
    In reality, there is a plethora of things to talk about regarding WordPress and entrepreneurial success. And the speakers will show you the best methods for finding those topics.
  • Writing a proposal for your talk.
    The proposal is the entryway for speaking, especially at WordCamps. You’ll learn how to create the best titles, biographies, and outlines for your proposals.
  • Becoming a better speaker.
    It takes more than just getting on stage and talking. You have to engage the audience and keep them listening. You’ll learn how to be a better speaker overall.
  • Practicing public speaking – which is optional.
    Practice makes perfect. At least, that’s what most successful folk say. That’s because every time you do something, you become better and better. This is an optional exercise, but it could be one of the most pivotal for your success.
  • Creating good presentations.
    How you present the topic can make a world of difference for your talk. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to put them together in the most efficient and engaging way.
  • Handling difficult questions.
    Not all questions are going to be easy. Sometimes, you’ll have to field some of the hardest questions regarding your topic. And you’ll learn how to handle those moments with poise and grace.
  • The most important aspect of all; Building confidence and motivation to speak in public.
    Confidence is key to success in any field. Motivation will get you to where you want to be. Combined, you’ll be an unstoppable force during your talk while keeping the audience enthralled.

Hilton San Jose La Sabana
Antiguo Restaurante El Chicote,
San José 10108, Costa Rica
Located in front of the National Stadium and La Sabana Park

This will be the approximate itinerary of the event:

  • Saturday, August 24, 2024 – 9:30 am – 3:30 pm Costa Rica time.
  • 9:45 am: Doors open.
  • 10:15 am: Workshop begins, starting with icebreakers to get to know everyone!
  • 12:00 pm: Lunch.
  • 1:00 pm: Workshop.
  • 3:00 pm-3:45 pm: Social and informal time to share coffee and snacks.

The event is free and with limited space, it will be 100% in person with facilitators who are part of the WordPress San Jose community and will be taught 100% in the Spanish language.

In addition, you will have mentors throughout the event to help you with the exercises. Please let us know if you have any other accessibility needs.

  • This event is organized by the WordPress San Jose community in Costa Rica.
  • This event is sponsored by GreenGeeks Web Hosting.

Hope to See You There!

Celebrating Women Speakers

This is sure to be an incredible Saturday at a lovely location. Reserve your spot today in this free workshop and be a part of an incredible community. Tickets are available up until the 21st, but it’s always best to get them as soon as possible.

I hope you all have a great time and we hope to see you in San Jose, Costa Rica!