Using TikTok for Business

10 Easy Ways to Get the Most Out of TikTok for Business

Are you looking to jump onto the next social media craze? If so, look no further than TikTok. With over 500 million monthly users, it has carved out a huge place for itself in an already crowded environment. And like all social media platforms, this presents businesses with a unique marketing opportunity.

Today, I will share how your business can take advantage of TikTok.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a social media platform that began in 2017 and focuses on video content. It allows you to turn a random video clip into a music video, and all of the editing is done in-app. The videos are generally between 15 and 60 seconds and it is used primarily by younger audiences (16-24).

And as a relatively new social media network that caters to the consumers of the future, it is a great place to market your business.

Marketing on the platform is relatively similar to other social networks. Once the video is created, you can utilize TikTok hashtags to optimize the video and deliver it to the intended audience.

And considering that the TikTok app has surpassed almost every other social network in terms of downloads, including Facebook, its smart to get started as soon as possible.

Copyright Disclaimer

One of the most popular types of content on TikTok is lipsync battles. Essentially, two friends or content creators will lip-sync the same song and allow their friends or followers to be the judge.

Obviously, this presents a huge copyright problem, but TikTok gets around it.

Inside of TikTok, you will find a huge library of music and sound effects from your favorite artists, movies, and even video games. Anything inside of the TikTok library is completely safe to use and you will never get in trouble for using them (unless you are violating TikTok guidelines).

However, you also have the option to use custom sounds. You can get into trouble if you do not own or have the proper permission to use them, though. This is an easy way to lose your TikTok account, thus I strongly recommend only using sounds from the TikTok library or those that you have created.

This also applies to any images you may use from your favorite films.

Take A Moment to Surf TikTok

Using TikTok for business is not hard, but you only get one chance at first impressions. If you have not used the platform before, take a few minutes to experience it. Find content you enjoy as a viewer and break it down.

Why do you like it? What separates it from other videos? Can you make similar content to advertise the business?

If you can answer these questions, you will be well on your way to utilizing these tactics.

10 Easy Ways to Get the Most Out of TikTok for Business

Today, I am going to share how to use TikTok to get the most exposure for your business. Keep in mind that as with any social media platform, results vary and some content ideas work better for certain businesses.

Here are 10 methods to get the best results of TikTok:

1. Use A Phone, Not A Camera

Use a Phone for TikTok

If there is one thing that TikTok is not a place for, its professional cookie-cutter content creation. If you want to be successful on the platform, being original and authentic is mandatory.

The big appeal of TikTok is that everything can be done from your phone. While you can create content with footage from an expensive camera to up the presentation value, it does not fit in with the rest of the content on the platform.

Most users want to see how creative content makers can use the same technology, a smartphone, which is great for small businesses with a limited budget. It puts everyone on the same playing field and gives everyone an opportunity to go viral.

Thus, trying to stand out from the crowd in this regard is not a good thing.

2. Showcase A Pet

One of the most popular trends on the platform is featuring your pet in the videos. In particular, trying to scare them has created a lot of very funny videos that are going viral on the platform. And being stuck home due to COVID-19 has made them more popular than ever.

However, pets have always clawed their way into social media, so it’s very likely that this will become normal. If your family has a dog or cat, you should take full advantage of the current trend and create some funny clips of your furry friend.

If you don’t have one, I suggest seriously considering becoming a pet owner, because #dog and #cat hold the 48th and 52nd most popular tags. Although many of these videos will end up using #cute, which is the 6th most popular hashtag.

3. Use the Right Hashtags

Use Correct Hashtags

Without a doubt, the hashtags you choose are the most important part of getting your videos to the right audience. If you use unique or uncommon hashtags, it can seriously hurt the number of views your videos get.

For this reason, you should try to target the most popular hashtags that apply to your video.

It is often recommended for businesses to create their own hashtag to allow fans to find content quickly. And since you can use multiple hashtags, you should take advantage of it. Include your own special hashtag and also incorporate the more popular ones.

Just make sure not to over-optimize.

4. User-Generated Content

If you sell a product, you should consider asking users to make TikTok content while wearing it. This kind of content is known as user-generated content (UGC) and has become a staple of social media platforms.

Major brands are really taking advantage of this concept with Nike being the king. If you take a look at #Nike on TikTok, you will find millions of UGC where fans are doing some activity with or to their shoes.

However, keep in mind, most companies do not have the reach of Nike. So if you have a small business just starting out, UGC cannot be the only type of content you rely on.

5. Advertise Your Brand

Market Your Brand

When you upload videos on TikTok, make sure they include a product you sell, show off your store, or advertise your business in some way. While this might be the most obvious tip on this list, many businesses forget to actually do it.

For example, let’s say you run a fitness blog. You can create a TikTok video of your morning routine. This is a great way to connect your blog and TikTok account together.

However, make sure this is not the focus of your video. Product placement should only be one part of the video if it is applicable. Find a way to tell an interesting or funny story using items or settings that relate to your business.

6. Consider Influencer Marketing

Just like other social media websites, you can hire influencers to create content or give your account a shout out. While growing organically will help you create a more stable community, influencer marketing can really speed up the process.

Sometimes you don’t even need to spend money if you send them a product to use in the video. Alternatively, if you have friends or family that are really big on TikTok, you should definitely ask them for a shoutout.

It can really go a long way.

Just make sure that the influencer is in your budget and most importantly, has the same values. For example, if you are targeting a younger audience, you need to make sure the influencer is fitting.

7. Consider Editing on a Computer

Edit TikTok on Computers

Wait a minute, wasn’t the first tip to use a phone? Yes, it was, and while I still recommend using the phone as a recording device to keep it authentic, it is worth noting that the in-app editing can prove annoying if you are not a fan of working on a mobile device.

Let’s be honest; the phone screen is small and can sometimes be annoying to get everything just right while using the touch screen. Instead, there are ways to use mobile apps on your computer, and you can do this for TikTok.

This can be done on both Windows and Mac. It opens up an entirely new set of editing tools and can really help you make your videos shine, as long as you are tech-savvy enough to take advantage of it.

8. TikTok Advertisements

As a relatively new social media platform that has taken the world by storm, TikTok actually launched without a robust advertisement system in place. However, times have changed and the platform offers a variety of ways to buy ads.

In fact, similar to YouTube, content creators can get paid for their work in the future by advertisers. And with over 500 million monthly users, it is a great platform to advertise on. But keep in mind that TikTok is still growing its ad system.

One of the best ways to grow is to take advantage of the Hashtag Challenge system. This option attracts users to create content to help advertise a particular brand.

Essentially, the viewers create the advertisements.

9. Meme and Funny Content Dominate the Platform

Unlike other social media platforms where businesses have become far more professional in regards to engaging their audiences, TikTok is all about the more humorous side of your company. This is not the platform to create a professional and informative video.

Instead, this platform is for showing the product or mascot doing something funny and embracing the meme culture that is dominating the internet. Especially when it comes to younger generations.

In fact, TikTok might have actually become the meme capital of the internet, if that’s a thing. This is thanks to a lot of major meme creators coming to the platform and becoming the most popular.

10. Follow the Trends

Follow TikTok Trends

Trends come and go, but keeping up with them is crucial if you want to gain a following. And TikTok is an extremely trendy place. As I said previously, due to COVID-19, pets have really found a space on the platform since people are staying home.

However, a new trend will definitely start once quarantine ends, then it will end and a new one will take its place in an endless cycle. But you should take advantage of them when they can be used to promote your business.

For example, if there is a food trend happening and you have a restaurant, you better jump on the bandwagon. It’s a great way to reach new viewers that are also just following the trend.

Update Regularly

A key part of any social media platform is to upload content regularly. If you want to make TikTok work for your business, you need to produce content.

Audiences are more likely to follow your posts if they know you upload at a specific time or day. It helps them keep track as well. Trust me, it is not a good feeling when your favorite content creator stops what they do for a month without notice.

Eventually, followers decide to stop checking and unfollow you. Don’t let that happen. Try to follow a schedule and release content on time.

TikTok for Business

Social media is a very powerful tool when it can attract a huge audience, and TikTok has done just that. It is still growing around the planet and it is going to give the other platforms some much-needed competition.

A big factor in its success is the simplicity behind it. To get started, all one needs is a smartphone. And it just so happens that most people have one. Thus, not only is it easy for the average person to get creating, but it’s also cheap for small businesses to begin as well (no expensive equipment or software needed).

By utilizing the above tips, your TikTok business account will be in an excellent position to grow at a fast pace. Becoming huge on the platform today could create amazing opportunities for your business as the platform continues to grow.

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