5 Important Add-Ons in Jetpack for WordPress

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Jetpack is a series of tools and features created to add a great deal more to the WordPress system. This collection is usually installed automatically with newer versions of the popular content management system, but it can be added as a plugin if you don’t already have it. The collection of modules within Jetpack offers improvements to everything from the comment section to security and safety measures.

The WordPress Jetpack plugin delivers more than 30 integrated features that are easy to install and configure. Once you’ve made a free account with Jetpack, you can vastly increase the potential of your website by the different tools available. The following are five of the most important additions that you may want to implement once you have the system installed.

1. Protect

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The Protect module keeps your site from being targeted by brute-force attacks from hackers. Essentially, it is a system that uses an extensive and growing database of online IP addresses known for malicious activities. As part of the network for Protect, your site can contribute to this list automatically when someone tries to gain access. This is what makes the system so powerful. When someone is blocked trying to access the back-end of your site, he or she is also blocked from accessing WordPress installations of other people simultaneously.

2. Publicize

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Social media is an important part of marketing your pages online. Publicize makes it easier for you to encourage others to share your content. Buttons for the most popular social hubs are included as well as the ability to change the type. In fact, this module helps you include Twitter Cards onto your site to help promote your pages as well. The platform uses a drag-and-drop interface allowing you to include what social media sites you want available for sharing as well as the ability to create your own services for other social hubs.

3. Related Posts

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A site owner could spend hours looking for the perfect plugin to show related content on posts. Related Posts adds a section to your WordPress settings as a check box to display relevant content on every post you write. Additionally, you can use a larger and more appealing look for this addition by clicking the available check box in Related Post’s configuration.

4. Enhanced Distribution

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One of the more valuable modules in the WordPress Jetpack plugin is Enhanced Distribution. This has potential to greatly increase traffic to your site as it will automatically share the published content you write with a variety of third-party services. This includes things like Google and Bing to boost the awareness of your website. Although it doesn’t have settings you can configure, the module can be quite beneficial to increase your website’s exposure.

5. Spelling and Grammar

When creating content for your site, you want to appear professional while using proper grammar. The Spelling and Grammar module adds a proofreading control into the text editor for pages and posts that will scan the content for common errors. You can also fine-tune this tool by configuring options to find hidden verbs, identify common jargon, find phrases to avoid and more. This helps you create legible content while adding to your online reputation as a content provider. Another point to note about Spelling and Grammar is that it currently supports five languages: English, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Currently, there are more than 30 modules that can be added to WordPress directly from Jetpack. These components are not necessary in order to develop an attractive and feature rich site, but they can be inspiring and very helpful once you play around with some of the more interesting features. Since the WordPress Jetpack plugin is constantly updated, it may be worth your while to keep it installed even if you don’t use any of the tools just in case something is added that you’ll want to activate.

What Jetpack modules do you current have running on your website? Do you find Jetpack to be a valuable asset or a waste of space?

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