2023 WordPress Performance Benchmarks – GreenGeeks ranks Top Tier

The annual Review Signal hosting benchmarks are in for 2023, and GreenGeeks has been recognized as a top-tier WordPress hosting company for our outstanding performance. In fact, Review Signal gave us an “Top Tier” on their ranking platform.

For years, we have been improving our services to meet our customer’s needs. And now our services are recognized among the best in the industry.

Our goal as a hosting company is simple; provide the best possible service we can without impacting the environment. And on both fronts, we are excelling.

To help the environment, we purchase three times the energy we use in clean wind energy. That means every website is actually carbon-negative! And as you are about to see in these tests, our web hosting services are among the best around.

What Is Review Signal?

Review Signal, run by Kevin Ohashi, is a well-regarded and independent platform that focuses on providing comprehensive and reliable hosting reviews and performance benchmarks. The platform specializes in evaluating various web hosting companies and their services based on real-world testing and data analysis. Review Signal’s goal is to offer consumers and businesses accurate insights into the quality and performance of different hosting providers, enabling them to make informed decisions when choosing a hosting solution.

The platform’s reviews and benchmark results are widely trusted in the industry due to their transparency, credibility, and impartiality. Review Signal’s evaluations help individuals and businesses understand the strengths and weaknesses of various hosting providers, empowering them to select the most suitable option for their specific needs.

Kevin and his team, scrutinizes two distinct dimensions of performance – peak performance and sustained consistency – across a span of two months. His evaluation employs six essential tools, each designed to gauge specific attributes:

  1. LoadStorm: Simulates real user load to assess performance under pressure.
  2. LoadImpact: Measures static caching performance of the homepage with user interactions. (Previously used Blitz prior to 2016)
  3. Uptime + StatusCake: Reliability is measured through two uptime monitoring services.
  4. WebPageTest.org: Evaluates overall speed from diverse locations (first view only).
  5. WPPerformanceTester: Benchmarks CPU, MySQL, and WP database performance.
  6. Qualysis SSL Report Grade: Assesses SSL server rating.

The testing occurred on a replicated WordPress dummy site, utilizing identical plugins across the board, except when a specific provider’s caching mechanisms necessitated variation. The resulting benchmark reports were then categorized into six distinct tiers, taking into account the price range and plans offered by various hosting providers:

Below, we’ll provide a condensed overview of GreenGeeks annual performance across the past years, highlighting specific areas where we excelled. For those eager to explore the finer intricacies, we’ll also offer direct links to each benchmark test for an in-depth examination.

WordPress Performance Benchmarks for 2023

GreenGeeks did well on the Load Storm test and even had the third fastest Login speed. GreenGeeks handled the Static test with a near perfectly flat response time. Uptime monitors showed 99.894% and 99.9783%. The Uptime Robot downtime was attributed to an SSL-Host Mismatch at the very start of the test. The other monitor noticed zero issues during this window, so the decision is erring on the side of tooling problem vs hosting problem. GreenGeeks picked up a fastest WPT speed in a single location. It also earned an A+ SSL grade. GreenGeeks had a Top Tier performance again this year.

See the 2023 WordPress Performance Benchmarks in detail.

WordPress Performance Benchmarks for 2022

GreenGeeks had the third fastest wp-login on the Load Storm test. GreenGeeks handled the Static test effortlessly. Both uptime monitors showed over 99.99% uptime. Overall, it was a Top Tier performance from GreenGeeks.

WordPress Performance Benchmarks for 2021

GreenGeeks has been a regular participant in these tests and has generally done quite well. They’ve earned another Top Tier award this year for a solid showing of 99.99% uptime and a whopping zero errors between both load tests combined.

WordPress Performance Benchmarks for 2020

GreenGeeks earned an honorable mention this year, a slight downgrade from last year’s Top Tier honor. This was perhaps the most on the edge decision I’ve had to make. Their results on the load tests were good but the uptime monitors showed 99.96% and 99.894%. I added a third monitor this year in case something like this happened again to act as a tie breaker and it showed 99.9%, the exact threshold I keep between doing well enough and failure. Considering how borderline it was, I opted to give honorable mention status because the Top Tier companies unambiguously didn’t struggle with any tests. Overall, it was a very good showing from GreenGeeks but they were kept out by the slimmest margin from earning Top Tier status this year.

As we stand in 2023, we’re highly reassured by the strategic choices we’ve made concerning our infrastructure in recent years. The gratifying outcomes we’re witnessing validate these decisions and reinforce our confidence in their success.

7 thoughts on “2023 WordPress Performance Benchmarks – GreenGeeks ranks Top Tier”

  1. Soumodeep Sikder

    Amazing Post If you are a beginner looking for the best affordable host with good speed, availability, and other features, GreenGeeks is the best choice and host for you.

  2. I an quite happy with it performance as it offer blazing fast speed with tons of powerful features. I you just started/ want to start online journey the GreenGeeks would be best choice in your budget.

  3. Well done Green Geeks team! Well deserved and it’s good to see you getting noticed more often now compared to other hosting companies.

    One big thing I am extremely happy about is you are an eco-friendly provider and not many other companies are. It’s good to know that if anyone hosts with you, they are making an impact.

    1. Thank you Semper. We appreciate your feedback and love that you’re onboard with our environmental commitments.

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