Are You Looking to Sell Your Web Hosting Business Clients?

My name is Trey Gardner, my business partner Kaumil Patel and I have been in the web hosting industry since 1999 and 2001 respectively. Together we have built one of the most reputable and reliable web hosting companies on the Internet today.  In 2013, we ranked in INC 500’s Fastest Growing Companies in America List. We’re an award web hosting provider with clients in over 160 countries.

If you are looking to sell your web hosting business and your clients we’d like for you to contact us as we may be interested in acquiring your clients. We’ve transacted several deals in the past few years and are looking to facilitate more. Our goal in purchasing your web hosting clients is to ensure that you are well compensated and that your customers are satisfied with the transfer of their web hosting services to us.

Interested in learning more about doing business together? Visit our Web Hosting Acquisitions page.

Here is what we’ll do for you and your clients:

We will put together a custom proposal that will make sure that you are adequately compensated for the transfer of your web hosting business. We will likewise craft a custom plan of action for migrating your web hosting clients to our service and ensure they receive special care and experience as few problems or service interruptions as possible when we bring their accounts over to our service.

Here are just a few of things we’ll do to ensure their migration goes well:

  • Free Site Migration – Your clients will receive our award-winning site migration service from your infrastructure to ours free of charge.

  • 24 / 7 / 365 Support – Your clients will receive 24 / 7 support before, during and after the transition period.

  • Advanced Hosting Infrastructure – Your clients will be placed on our advanced hosting infrastructure including RAID-10 storage arrays with SSD-acceleration for unparalleled performance and reliability. Our servers are located in Chicago and Toronto and we utilize CloudFlare to ensure that website load more quickly than other providers in areas outside of North America. We’re also always on top of the latest script updates and informing our clients of necessary updates to limit their risk to hackers of their web sites. Lastly, we run daily backups to make sure that those clients you refer can retrieve their previous day’s files in case they run into any issues of their own.

  • Environmentally Friendly – In addition to all of the efficiencies we employ, your clients will be hosted on servers that use renewable energy via Bonneville Environmental Foundation. Green web hosting has become a focus and interest for many web hosting clients as they learn that the web hosting is a major polluter, expected to exceed the airline industry as a global polluter within the next few years.

  • Point of Contact – You as the outgoing owner will have a point of contact with one of our acquisition specialists to help you with any inquiries/concerns that you have before, during and after the acquisition process.

We want your former clients to be happy GreenGeeks clients once we become their web hosting provider as that is a win for all of us. If your former clients are unhappy with their transition to a new hosting company, they will be unhappy with you and the company you refer them to. We don’t want that as it is not good business for your clients and is unprofitable for all of us.

GreenGeeks offers several types of web hosting services including shared web hosting, reseller web hosting, VPS Hosting and dedicated servers. If you offer any of these services to clients we can work with you to take over their hosting services. We have locations the United States and Canada and we service web hosting clients all over the world.

Both Kaumil and myself have been active in hosting acquisitions for many years and we know all too well the pitfalls that can occur. First, we believe that taking care of your clients as they become ours is tantamount to a successful transaction between our two companies, again the more of your clients we can make happy as new GreenGeeks clients the better off GreenGeeks will be in the long run in acquiring this business and this will enable us to provide you with the highest compensation. In addition, depending on how we can structure a deal, we will offer price breaks for your client’s new GreenGeeks contracts, so their entry costs are reduced which increases the likelihood they will convert as new sales over to us.

Should you like to learn more please visit our Web Hosting Acquisitions page.

Thank you very much, we look forward to hearing from you and potentially doing some good business with you.

Kaumil Patel, COO & Trey Gardner, CEO

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