WordPress Themes for Authors

29 Best WordPress Themes for Authors to Use in 2024

Choosing the perfect WordPress theme for authors can pose a challenge. More than just aesthetics, authors must contemplate how the theme represents their identity and literary works. 

In this digital era, your website serves as the stage for your storytelling. It connects you with your readers and showcases your work of art through words.

But with so many options, how do you find the best WordPress themes for authors that fit your style and goals?

Don’t worry. In this article, you’ll find a list of the best WordPress themes that will meet the needs of every writer.

Our Picks for the Best WordPress Theme for Authors

What makes a great WordPress theme for authors? Well, here are the most important factors you need to look into.

Flexibility for Future Changes

Choose a theme that can easily accommodate changes such as new books, series, or products to add to your online store.

ECommerce Functionality

Self-publishing can be highly profitable, but you need to sell your books effectively. So choosing a theme that has eCommerce integration is a big plus.

Loading Speed

The loading speed of your website directly impacts visitor engagement, potential book sales, and newsletter subscriptions. Choose a theme that isn’t overloaded with large files. 

Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Design

With most users accessing the internet via mobile devices, your website must be responsive. A responsive site automatically adjusts to different screen sizes so it looks good on various devices. 

Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

SEO is crucial for higher search engine rankings. To attract readers interested in your genre, you’ll want a theme optimized for SEO.

Let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress themes for authors that are out there today.

1. Astra

Astra Theme for WordPress

With over a million active installs, Astra claims the title of the most popular theme of all time. It’s a versatile choice with dozens of templates, some of which cater specifically to authors.

Its “Author” template is designed to highlight you as well as your literary work. It sports a modern, clean design that’s sure to impress your web visitors.

If you’re a self-published eBook author, the “Ebook Author” template is tailored to your needs. With the “Ebook Author” template, your works are presented in a manner that exudes credibility and competence.

What these WordPress author templates have in common is that they have a minimalist charm and are highly customizable and fully responsive. With these themes, your website will look great on any device, from a laptop to a smartphone.

Benefits of Astra

  • There are both free and paid themes
  • You can sell on your own site or link to other marketplaces
  • It comes with an About the Author section
  • Features a mega menu 
  • Extra pages and sections for other books

Drawbacks of Astra

  • Can be confusing for beginners

2. Divi Theme

Divi Theme

If you’re a tech-savvy author, the Divi theme is a great choice for you. This theme empowers you to create a tailored WordPress website that showcases the beauty of your work.

Within the Divi ecosystem is the Tan2 Author. It’s a premium Divi layout meticulously designed with pixel-perfect precision and a modern style that effortlessly caters to authors, writers, bloggers, reviewers, publishers, book distributors, and bookstores.

The Tan2 Author Layout has all the features you need, including a dedicated About the Author section, testimonials, a book display section, and a contact form for direct interaction with your site visitors. 

What’s great about Divi is that it’s easy to customize. It has a simple design, and a flexible structure, and you can easily combine different page elements to create a website that truly reflects your style and message.

It’s not just for authors; it can work for other types of businesses too. So, you have the freedom to make your website uniquely yours.

Benefits of Divi

  • SEO-friendly and has clear headings
  • Great animations and transitions
  • It works with WooCommerce

Drawbacks of Divi

  • People who are new to web development may feel overwhelmed

3. MyBook


For those who need a convenient WordPress theme that highlights their latest book, MyBook is a great option. This theme simplifies the process of crafting and customizing your book-focused website. 

Its visual composer allows you to modify any text or image effortlessly. This tool empowers you to add content swiftly, making the task of creating an impressive online platform for your books a breeze.

MyBook comes with a pre-designed sample book download area where you can easily change the book image and set the sample download link.

In addition, the theme boasts a dedicated book overview section. Here, you can showcase a quick summary of your book and highlight memorable quotes that you want to share with your audience. It also includes a compelling call-to-action button.

Benefits of MyBook

  • Dedicated author template block to highlight digital products
  • Free sample section to share a PDF sample
  • Link to multiple marketplaces like Amazon, Nook, and Kobo

Drawbacks of MyBook

  • Its design is intended exclusively for authors (though, is that really a drawback?)

4. Author

Author WordPress Theme

Simplicity is the hallmark of the Author WordPress theme. Its clean layouts ensure that all eyes are on your content. There won’t be any complexity or clutter to overwhelm your readers.

This theme looks fantastic on laptops, tablets, and phones. It gives your readers a seamless experience, no matter how they access your site. It works well with page builders, like Elementor, for easy customization.

WooCommerce integration makes it easy to add an eCommerce store to your site. Your website can do more than just showcase your work; it can be a hub for your books, merchandise, and more.

And, if you ever hit a roadblock, top-notch support is just a click away. The developers who developed these themes are ready to assist you. Plus, the Author Support Center is chock-full of tutorials.

Benefits of Author

  • Gutenberg compatible
  • Completely free
  • Code tested on thousands of live websites

Drawbacks of Author

  • You’ll need to design the sales page yourself if you want to sell your books

5. Writers Blogily

Writers Blogily

As the name suggests, Writers Blogily is an excellent pick for writers aiming to establish a blog on the WordPress platform. It provides the ideal canvas for your creative content that allows you to connect with your readers smoothly.

With over 4 million downloads of their themes and plugins, it’s clear that Writers Blogily is a popular choice among WordPress users.

Whether you opt for the free or paid version, you can’t go wrong. The paid plan offers additional features and customization options so that your website looks and functions just the way you want it.

This theme may not have a dedicated design for displaying your eBooks. But through its WooCommerce integration, you can set up your online shop in no time.

With two child themes included in the paid version, you have the creative freedom to make your website truly unique.

Benefits of  Writers Blogily

  • Custom logo, title, and tagline for easier navigation
  • Blog post featured images can be hidden
  • Ready for translation

Drawbacks of Writers Blogily

  • Not designed to sell books in particular; you still need to make extra effort to set up your ebooks for sale

6. Landing Theme

Landing Theme

Landing is your go-to choice if you want a WordPress theme for crafting high-converting landing pages effortlessly. Thanks to Themify’s intuitive drag-and-drop Builder, you have all the tools at your disposal to create stunning landing pages tailored to your needs.

If you’re an author looking to promote your work or build your online presence, Landing has over 25 pre-designed Builder layouts that you can set up for a captivating landing page within minutes.

These layouts cater to various niches, from ebooks to personal portfolios and beyond.

For your email marketing needs, Landing has Mailchimp integration. You can easily add a newsletter mailing list, allowing you to send newsletters to up to 20,000 subscribers for free.

This WordPress theme for authors supports WooCommerce, a popular plugin for setting up a complete online shop on your WordPress site. The shop landing page layout demonstrates how you can beautifully showcase your latest books to your avid readers.

Lastly, if you’re an author looking to promote events like book launches or book signings, Landing has a simple Event post type. It offers everything you need: a Google map view of the event location, date and time details, and a direct link for visitors to purchase tickets.

Benefits of Landing

  • Highlights reviews and testimonials from your readers
  • A very simple theme that focuses on your book
  • More than 25 layouts have already been made, two of which are for eBooks

Drawbacks of Landing

  • The theme is not designed for blogging

7. Writee Theme

Writee Theme

If you’re a new author or blogger searching for an elegant, free WordPress theme to showcase your work, look no further than Writee.

This versatile theme is not only visually appealing but also highly functional, making it a perfect choice for anyone looking to create an amazing blog.

Writee is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. Your content will shine on any device and will surely provide a seamless reading experience for your audience.

The theme also includes three custom widgets, allowing you to add unique elements to your blog. Customizer options make it easy to tailor your blog’s appearance to your liking.

Furthermore, Writee supports translation, so you can reach a global audience. Whether your readers prefer English, Spanish, French, or any other language, your content will be accessible to them. 

Benefits of Writee

  • Has options for sharing on social media
  • The theme offers an affordable price
  • Provides a simple and appealing design

Drawbacks of Writee

  • Not made for directly selling books

8. Narratium Theme


Narratium is a flexible WordPress theme for authors and bloggers who want to make their online presence interesting, modern, and dynamic. It’s a great way to show off your creativity because it has so many features and customization options.

The theme’s dynamic navigation with AJAX technology makes your website faster and smoother. It also pays attention to the finer details, like text format tags for titles. You can make your post titles and subtitles bold, italic, or add a pop of color.

For those who love customization, Narratium introduces an Extended Template System. This feature allows you to easily swap templates.

It’s a handy tool for authors who like to keep their site’s appearance dynamic and engaging.

Narratium also accommodates co-authors for posts. In collaborative settings, you can credit multiple authors, making it easy for readers to identify who contributed to each piece.

Additionally, it offers the unique feature of video covers for posts. You can upload video files to replace featured images that add a dynamic touch to your content.

Benefits of Narratium

  • Compatible with WordPress Gutenberg
  • Every author can upload an avatar to display on their profile page
  • Fully translatable, so your content can reach readers in multiple languages

Drawbacks of Narratium

  • The last update was on August 2022

9. Book Author by Templatic

Templatic Book Author

If you are an established author with plenty of titles under your belt, then The Book Author by Templactic Themes is perfect for you.

This theme simplifies the process of showcasing and selling your books. Authors and publishers can easily set up a professional online platform for their literary works, thanks to its built-in Easy Install feature. 

Simply activate the theme and click install, and your site will transform to mirror the theme’s demo. Your digital product store can be up and running in no time.

This theme allows you to create unlimited product categories and sub-categories. Whether you’re selling eBooks, stock photography, audio files, videos, DVDs, or digital art, this theme has you covered.

Lastly, the Book Author theme streamlines the checkout process. You can easily add payment gateways like PayPal to cater to the demands of your customers’ payment preferences.

Benefits of Book Author

  • Includes a section for reader reviews and testimonials
  • Show links to different stores like Amazon, Nook, Kobo, and more
  • It has an About the Author page

Drawbacks of Book Author

  • Not suitable for a single book launch

10. Hello! Pro

Hello Commerce Theme

Eager to build a strong personal brand? The Hello! Pro theme is perfect for you. This theme runs on the Genesis Pro Framework and is ideal for presenting yourself as a writer and showcasing your work in a stylish and expert manner.

It’s a meticulously designed landing page that invites your readers to take action, like signing up for your newsletter or purchasing your books.

Your work can also be elegantly displayed in a simple image icon section.

Hello! Pro has a one-click Setup Wizard that swiftly installs the demo pages and posts, creates navigation menus, and adds recommended plugins. This gives you a solid foundation to build upon and customize as needed.

When it comes to branding, Hello! Pro provides you with options. You can effortlessly upload your own branded logo image, or if you’re just starting, the theme fully supports a text-based website logo.

Additionally, this theme offers a range of custom starter pages to kickstart your site’s development. You can choose from pre-made pages like Homepage, About, Blog, and Contact pages.

Benefits of Hello! Pro

  • Image icons link to multiple marketplaces
  • Has a section for testimonials that includes images
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly

Drawbacks of Hello! Pro

  • The theme is mainly for personal brand building and not for selling books

11. Angle

Angle Authors Theme

Angle is a versatile WordPress theme ideal for authors and writers. Its clean and crisp typography makes it an excellent choice for making a good first impression.

If you buy this theme, you can use it on as many websites as you want. Updates and quick help make sure that your online presence stays up-to-date and in good shape.

Its built-in portfolio module simplifies the process of displaying your work, photos, or any other content you’d like to showcase.

Integration with WooCommerce is another big plus. WooCommerce makes it easy to open an online store if you want to sell your books.

Your shop will look great with the overall theme while giving your customers a smooth and professional eCommerce experience.

Benefits of Angle

  • Has a services section to showcase your skills
  • Features a portfolio section for writing and client work
  • Mobiel-responsive and retina-ready

Drawbacks of Angle

  • This theme may be too complicated for a single-book site

12. Ultra

Themify Ultra

The Ultra theme is a fantastic choice if you’re launching your first book. This WordPress theme for authors offers you complete control, allowing you to shape your website’s look from the header down to the footer. 

The theme has a simple layout, and you can change the colors on your website to match your style. It also comes with a mega menu that lets you show off your most recent posts, make dropdown menus with multiple columns, and even add widgets to the menu.

If you want to show off your work and services, Ultra has an optional portfolio that works with all of the post layouts for blogs.

This makes it easier for your readers to find your content and look around it.

Ultra also works well with WooCommerce, which makes it easy to sell your products if you are an author who also runs a business. With Ultra, your online store will look like it was added naturally to your website.

Benefits of Ultra

  • Includes 6 different styles for archive post layouts 
  • Has full-section scrolling that makes it easier to highlight your book
  • Mega menu allows you to display recent posts

Drawbacks of Ultra

  • None of the other demos are eBook-specific

13. Publisher by Templatic

Publisher by Templatic

Publisher is one of the most complete WordPress app themes available today. It goes beyond simply showcasing your eBooks and digital products; it empowers you to sell them directly on your platform.

This thoughtfully designed theme offers customization options, that allow you to shape your site to your preferences. 

If you want to sell physical books, Publisher works smoothly with the WooCommerce plugin. You can handle everything from shipping to taxes.

Lastly, Publisher offers the option to leave product reviews and comments on your site. To maintain a fair and honest environment, each review and comment can be moderated before being published. This ensures that your website remains a reliable platform for readers and buyers.

Benefits of Publisher

  • Sign-up forms that come with designs for newsletters
  • has RTL mode for different languages
  • Can be modified to create virtually any type of publishing website

Drawbacks of Publisher

  • The theme is designed for high-volume published works

14. Legend

Legend Responsive Theme

Legend is a straightforward Parallax-style theme, combining the trendy elements of parallax scrolling and single-page design.

This theme is made to show off your services and work in a responsive, one-page layout. It’s great for writers who want to make a strong visual impact and keep people interested.

Legend has a lot of powerful customization options because it was built with the Elementor page builder plugin and other JET plugins. Although the price is a bit more expensive, it’s a great choice for writers who want a simple design. 

You have the freedom to make separate pages for your creative work, books, finished projects, and other things that show off your professional skills.

Legend also has sections set aside for people who want to keep a blog. Each article starts on its own page, and you can write about anything.

Benefits of Legend

  • Portfolio style layout for books
  • SEO-optimized and mobile-friendly
  • Offers technical support

Drawbacks of Legend

  • Pricey for a single-site use

15. Katib Writers

Katib Writers

Katib Writer is a thoughtfully designed WordPress theme for authors who are passionate about writing, whether it be about lifestyle topics, product reviews, or entertaining content. This theme provides ample space for you to share your thoughts.

This WordPress theme supports multiple languages, so you can write content in the language you want. It also supports the right-to-left (RTL) writing style, which means it can be used with several different writing systems.

With Katib Writer, it’s easy to make changes. You can change things about your website to make it fit your style and tastes. It also fully supports SEO, which helps your content rank higher in search engines and reach more people.

When it comes to engaging your readers, this theme includes various social media icons and blog sections. It’s packed with remarkable features that suit the needs of a modern website.

Benefits of Katib Writer

  • Has a skills and CV area
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Has a page for events

Drawbacks of Katib Writer

  • Does not have a dedicated sales page for books

16. The Writers Blog

The Writers Blog

The Writers Blog is a WordPress theme that gives writers and content creators more power in the literary world. It’s a digital canvas where you can share interesting topics with people who visit your website.

This theme can be used for a lot of things, whether it be a personal blog or an online portfolio. It’s for writers who want to get their ideas across clearly in the literary world.

The Writers Blog makes the most of the web space it has, giving your content a beautiful background. It doesn’t just fit one niche. 

It can translate your content into Arabic, Chinese, French, German, and Spanish, among others. By doing this, you can connect with people all over the world.

Benefits of The Writers Blog

  • Focuses heavily on visuals
  • Sidebar widgets are customizable
  • Has a basic free version

Drawbacks of The Writers Blog

  • As the name implies, it was designed more for blogging

17. Odrin

Odrin Author Theme

Odrin is an author-centric WordPress theme that offers you a modern and beautifully crafted platform perfectly suited for fantasy book series. This theme doesn’t just stop at aesthetics; it combines functionality with style.

The elegant page-flip effect is one of Odrin’s standout features. It adds a touch of sophistication to your website, creating an engaging and interactive experience for visitors. This feature alone sets it apart from conventional themes and ensures your site leaves a lasting impression.

It offers multiple 1-click demo installs, allowing you to explore various designs and layouts effortlessly. While it’s important to note that copyrighted images are not included, the availability of these demos provides you with a convenient starting point to build your website.

The theme also comes with a selection of ten pre-built page templates. Whether you want to create an upcoming book page, set up a newsletter, or showcase your portfolio, Odrin offers the tools to make it happen.

Lastly, Odrin’s includes a Mailchimp newsletter widget that helps you easily connect with your readers and fans. Keeping your audience informed about your latest works and updates becomes a breeze with this integrated tool.

Benefits of Odrin

  • Comes with WooCommerce support
  • Has an upcoming Book section
  • Fully SEO Optimized

Drawbacks of Odrin

  • No free version is available, sadly

18. Ink

Ink WordPress Theme

With a minimalist touch,  the Ink WordPress theme puts your story in the spotlight. It has simple, uncluttered theme options that are built into the default WordPress live customizer. This gives it a native look and feel and makes it easy to start your author site right away.

The Ink theme offers stunning website designs that you can use right away. Its separate Options Panel gives you endless customization choices.

Ink support for custom video and image headers creates a visually striking website that captivates your audience from the moment they arrive.

But this theme doesn’t stop at design; it’s also incredibly user-friendly. It features a widgetized homepage that allows you to rearrange your site’s front page using custom widgets.

This flexibility empowers you to customize your website layout to match your unique style and needs.

Additionally, Ink comes with StagTools compatibility. With it, you can enhance your theme with shortcodes and custom widgets, adding a layer of functionality to your website. 

Benefits of Ink

  • Sass source files and Compass config included
  • Optimized for Retina / HiDPI displays
  • Dedicated support desk to keep you covered

Drawbacks of Ink

  • More suited for writing blogs than selling books

19. Impose

Impose Theme

Impose is a chic author’s WordPress theme created with a user-friendly approach. It simplifies the blogging experience. In just minutes, you can transform your online space into a visually pleasing, content-rich platform.

The theme offers an array of blog layouts that allow you to choose the one that suits your style. Its personal intro page provides an elegant introduction for the modern author, complete with a profile image, animated rotating words, and a list of your latest posts.

Impose also incorporates great typography with over 600 Google Fonts to choose from.

One of the standout features of this theme is the customizable featured posts slider. This dynamic element allows you to highlight your most important or engaging content, drawing readers’ attention to what matters most. 

Additionally, Impose allows you to create beautiful gallery collages with a lightbox or gallery sliders, using WordPress default galleries, with no need for additional plugins or shortcodes.

Benefits of Impose

  • Compatible with NinjaForms
  • Has light and dark mode options for your theme
  • All post formats supported for blogs

Drawbacks of Impose

  • You need to create a separate page for selling your books

20. Literary

Literary Author Theme

Literary isn’t just a beautifully crafted theme; it’s a versatile tool designed for writers, authors, bloggers, illustrators, designers, or anyone seeking an exceptional online presence.

One standout feature of this theme is its dedicated post type for showcasing your books. You can easily add and link your books to various platforms, like Amazon and iTunes, for readers to find your work.

It also offers a post type for your portfolio. So, if you have other creative projects or artworks you want to showcase, this theme provides a space to do just that.

Announcements are made easy with Literary as well. It includes a simple announcement post type, following the standard WordPress post format. You can schedule announcements to appear, ensuring your latest updates or an upcoming book launch campaign always stay prominently displayed.

Benefits of Literary

  • Has Twitter (X) API support
  • Integrates with Google Analytics 
  • Includes shortcode for quotes, including quote source and ratings

Drawbacks of Literary

  • The last update was almost a year ago

21. Preface

Preface WordPress Theme

Preface is a WordPress theme that thoughtfully introduces your writing to your audience, whether it be physical books, ebooks, manuals, or captivating stories. This theme is a great choice for all kinds of authors.

This theme has complete compatibility with WooCommerce. What’s more, Preface adds its own unique style to your shop so it matches your author-focused website.

If you need to organize your literary works, Preface has you covered with its Book Post Type and categorization options. This makes it simple to present your books or stories in an organized and reader-friendly way.

To top it all, you can easily use fonts from Google Web Fonts, Typekit, or Adobe Web Fonts. The theme customizer gives you control over font sizes, so your website’s text looks just the way you want it.

Benefits of Preface

  • It comes with a clean and minimalistic blog page
  • Includes shortcodes for Twitter, App.net, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Optimized for retina graphics

Drawbacks of Preface

  • You need to upload high-resolution book covers

22. Neve


Neve is an all-purpose theme that has a ridiculous amount of customization. This makes it a great choice for any kind of site from blogs to eCommerce. Thus, it is a great choice for authors to use.

In terms of customization, you can easily change the page layout, choose from a wide selection of page templates, and even choose from multiple homepages. The end result is a website that looks the way you want it to.

Naturally, all of the templates and options can be customized personally. This means any color scheme is on the table, and you can make any other adjustments as needed.

If you are looking for more options, it is compatible with popular page builders like Elementor.

Of course, it is fully compatible with WooCommerce, so you won’t have an issue selling the books you write. Overall, this theme is a great choice for any website and excels at just about everything it does.

Benefits of Neve

  • Neve offers excellent page speed scores across multiple testers
  • Change color patterns on a global level
  • Choose from over 100 starter sites that you can import

Drawbacks of Neve

  • Starter sites require an extra plugin to import

23. Binder PRO

Binder Theme

Binder PRO is a smart publishing theme designed to help you create stunning magazine-like visuals. Its modular building system places your content front and center, effortlessly and beautifully.

The use of modules allows you to create intricate layouts within minutes. And the best part is you don’t need to be a coding expert to do it because of its drag-and-drop functionality.

Binder PRO follows WordPress best practices. This means you can seamlessly integrate your favorite plugins and enhance your site’s functionality.

Overall, this theme is a versatile toolbox that suits both pro users and beginners. Whether you’re an experienced developer or just starting, Binder PRO has everything you need to build an outstanding website, all neatly packaged in one theme.

Benefits of Binder Pro

  • Has WooCommerce integration
  • Coded with WordPress best practices in mind
  • Optimized for mobile

Drawbacks of Binder Pro

  • Images on the theme live preview are not included in the package

24. Chosen

The Chosen Minimalist WordPress Theme

Chosen is a fantastic choice among WordPress themes for authors. It’s all about highlighting your content with its clean and minimalist design.

Its mobile-friendliness and optimized speed make it an excellent tool for reaching your audience on various devices.

But there’s more to Chosen. This theme is also built for speed. Careful optimization means that your site loads quickly on all devices, keeping your visitors engaged and happy.

Now, here’s the best part – Chosen is FREE. You get all these fantastic features without breaking the bank. It’s a theme that puts your content at the forefront, all while being budget-friendly.

Benefits of Chosen

  • Actively maintained and always updated
  • Has WooCommerce integration
  • Tons of tutorials with step-by-step instructions

Drawbacks of Chosen

  • Content-oriented and not meant for selling books

25. Bookwise


Bookwise is a WordPress theme designed specifically for indie authors and writer-preneurs who need a website to showcase their work.

No matter your genre, whether it’s sci-fi, romance, fantasy, young adult, historical fiction, or even futuristic Western-inspired steampunk, Bookwise makes books truly shine, giving them the platform they deserve.

It offers a stunning page template for authors that lets you highlight your books, reviews, and upcoming events with style. These are designed to make your content pop and keep your readers engaged.

Bookwise leverages Thrive Theme Builder, allowing you to visually customize every element of your website to match your brand and personality. With it, customizing your author’s website becomes a fast, intuitive, and even enjoyable experience.

Benefits of Bookwise

  • Features a microblogging template that is perfect for quick updates
  • Has conversion-focused templates for lead generation
  • Connects with author-related websites


  • Must be bought in a packaged form

26. Auteur

Auteur WordPress Authors Theme

As an author, you need to build trust with your readers. The Auteur WordPress theme provides an elegant design that screams credibility. 

With four pre-homepage demos, you can launch your website within seconds.

This theme ensures that your site looks sharp and crisp on retina-ready devices. Every detail has been carefully refined to provide a stunning visual experience for your readers. 

Furthermore, Auteur comes with a built-in Mega Menu. You can even add icons to menu items or easily customize colors and designs to match your brand.

Lastly, you can customize the overall typography with just a few clicks, adjusting font family, size, weight, and style to your liking. With over 800+ Google Fonts and the ability to upload custom fonts, you can make your site truly unique. 

Benefits of Auteur

  • Retina Ready to make your text crisp and sharp
  • Compatible with browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE11, and Opera
  • WooCommerce is compatible with full design integration

Drawbacks of Auteur

  • Hard to use for beginners

27. Booklovers

Booklovers WordPress Theme

The Booklovers WordPress theme brings a fresh approach to creating websites for authors. This theme offers a modern and functional design tailored for those in the world of publishing.

The theme gives you four unique and wonderful demos to choose from, each with its own distinctive style. With these choices, you can build a website that perfectly reflects your style and branding.

Booklovers is also fully compatible with WooCommerce. You can set up your online bookshop with ease and confidence.

Offering features like an events calendar and events management, keeping your readers informed about your upcoming literary events is just a few clicks away.

Booklovers also provides a wide array of premade shortcodes that simplify the process of adding elements to your site. From author modules to team blogs and galleries, you have the tools to make your website the way you envisioned it to be.

Benefits of Booklovers

  • Includes swiper slider for posts and galleries
  • Has a custom theme options panel
  • Provides options for hover effects

Drawbacks of Booklovers

  • No free version is available

28. Float

Float Authors Theme

Float uses stunning parallax effects that your readers can enjoy. This WordPress author site theme gives you a template design that’s popular and used by websites like Apple. It’s definitely a visual treat to your website visitors.

The theme’s simple and elegant design elements run from top to bottom. In effect, your website not only looks good but also feels sophisticated and visually engaging.

You can put Float to the test by resizing your browser window on the demo or viewing it on a modern tablet or mobile device. You’ll quickly discover that the layout and parallax effects work seamlessly on any device and screen resolution.

Overall, Float is the ideal choice for authors and website owners who want to add that extra touch of elegance and interactivity to their online presence.

Benefits of Float

  • Easily insert banner ads anywhere in the template without coding
  • Carefully coded with SEO best practices in mind
  • Comes with social icons right out of the box

Drawbacks of Float

  • You have to create a separate page for your books

29. Book

Book Theme for WordPress

Book is a charming blend of functionality and aesthetics, embedding features like Newsletter integration, a working Contact section, and a live Twitter feed.

With the Book theme, authors get a neat, organized space, perfectly mirroring the essence of a well-arranged bookshelf.

In the world of publishing, time is of the essence. The Book theme embodies a one-page navigation system, drastically cutting down the time to set up.

This WordPress theme sets a straightforward path for authors to connect with their audience, with little to no web development skills required.

Benefits of Book

  • Has Google Maps integration
  • Offers a live X (formerly Twitter) feed
  • Gives you two site versions to choose from — animated and static
  • Translation-ready

Drawback of Book

  • Does not offer a free version

FAQs About WordPress Themes for Authors

Do authors use WordPress for their work?

Yes, many authors opt for WordPress to establish their online presence. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with a variety of theme options, makes it a popular choice. Authors can easily share their work, post blogs, and even create a portfolio on WordPress.

Can I sell my books directly through any of these author WordPress themes?

Absolutely. Many themes come with built-in e-commerce capabilities allowing you to set up an online store. You can list your books, manage inventory, and process transactions right from your website. This direct sales channel can be a game-changer for authors looking to reach readers independently.

How do I install these WordPress themes for authors?

Installing a theme in WordPress is straightforward. Within the WordPress dashboard, navigate to Appearance > Themes > Add New. From here, you can search for a theme, or upload one that you’ve purchased or downloaded elsewhere. Once uploaded, click Activate to apply the new theme to your website.

Can I switch to a different WordPress theme for authors later if I want a new look for my website?

Absolutely. WordPress makes it easy to switch themes whenever you desire a fresh look. However, make sure that changing themes won’t adversely affect your site’s content or functionality. It’s always a good idea to preview the new theme and check for any issues before making the switch permanent.

Do WordPress themes for authors support multimedia content?

Yes, these themes are designed to handle multimedia content. You can upload images, videos, and audio files to enhance your posts. Features like galleries, sliders, and video backgrounds allow you to create a visually appealing platform to engage with your audience and showcase your works.

How can these author WordPress themes help in building an audience?

These themes offer various features to foster audience engagement. Subscription forms encourage readers to stay updated, while social media integration promotes sharing and broader reach. Comment sections also provide a space for discussions. Overall, this creates a community around your work, which is crucial for building a loyal audience.

Will I get a refund if I’m not satisfied with the theme I purchased?

Refund policies are dependent on the theme developers. It’s advisable to review the refund policy before purchasing. If a refund is offered, ensure to understand the conditions and the timeframe in which a refund request needs to be made. This way, you’re informed before making a commitment.

Choose a WordPress Theme That Fits Your Writing Style

Wrapping up, the internet offers many opportunities for authors to share their work and connect with readers. The right WordPress theme is a stepping stone to creating a compelling online presence for most authors.

Each theme mentioned has its unique strengths. Your choice would ultimately depend on your personal style, the kind of interaction you aim to have with your audience, and the features you deem necessary for your online platform.

Explore these themes and find what best resonates with your brand. Your journey from a writer to a recognized online author begins with the right theme. Choose wisely, and let your words change the world.