5 Reasons GreenGeeks is the Best WordPress Hosting Provider

WordPress is one of the world’s most popular and powerful content management systems, but installing and maintaining it is challenging. Not only does WordPress require a correctly installed and tuned web server, but it also uses a database server, and each is tough to get just right. WordPress must also be updated regularly to avoid security problems, and keeping everything in working order can be a full-time job in and of itself. Fortunately, GreenGeeks automate’s much of this drudgery, letting web developers, content writers and small businesses focus on what they do best while leaving optimization of WordPress hosting platform aspects to us.

Here are five reasons why GreenGeeks is one of the best WordPress hosting provider’s on the planet:

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10 Ways to Speed Up Your Slow WordPress Website

WordPress as on date is the most preferred blogging and content management system due to its classy interface and simpler operations. Released for the first time in 2003, it has been developed to match exact user requirement keeping user’s technical acumen in view. There is a WordPress community which constantly works on bringing new additions, upgrades and fixing the bugs in the software. Spread of this community is worldwide so, it is imperative to have the best of the brains from all over the world working on WordPress.

WordPress is developed on PHP as a programming language and supports MySQL for database. It has many themes, templates, plugins which help increasing the functionality of the website.

Over the years it has been identified that you may end up having slow WordPress website, if you don’t take proper measures. Slow site may result in losing visitors and in turn losing your precious business.

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WordPress 1: The version that started it all

WordPress 1 is the first version of WordPress marking an important step in the history of WordPress development. Development of WordPress happens through a structured community, wherein the founder reserves the right for the final decision making. Unlike other platforms, this strategy helps to incorporate the best in class modules to WordPress ranking it among the top three blog hosting platforms.

MySQL is used for the database and PHP as a programming language in the configuration of WordPress 1. WordPress is a trusted tool by millions of people hosting websites and content management system. More than 60 million websites using WordPress shows the efforts gone into developing this tool. WordPress 1 is an old release and is characterized by some simple updates.

Here is a quick look at some of the important changes.

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All about Blog Hosting

Blogs are similar to regular websites but are featured by regular individual posts. Setting up your own blog can be a hectic task. In order to reduce the load of incorporating a blog, companies have come up with a service concept of hosting blogs. It is up to your choice to choose from a service provider, which would cost a fee to set up your blog or to choose free software to generate a basic blog template.

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Protecting WordPress Login Page from Attacks

Protecting WordPress against Login Attacks

WordPress as we know is one of the most popular content management systems around. That’s why WordPress is generally a target for attacks. Recently we came across a very robust DDoS targeted to the login page of WordPress sites hosted on our network and also on other well known web hosting providers. 

We take security and continuity of service very seriously and we’re very pro-active at everything we do. We’ve added a few new security rules in our already existing set of rules to protect against this type of new attack that we’ve seen. Since implementing this new rule, we’ve seen an increase in protection against these types of attacks.

While we’ve done what we can to ensure maximum security for your websites, there are a few more things that you can do to help yourself from these types of attacks:

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