Earth Day 2019: Earth Is In Trouble

Earth Day 2019

Earth Day is designed for individuals to spend the day celebrating the beauty the world offers. However, it seems we spend the other 364 days of the year destroying it. That’s why at GreenGeeks, we do everything possible to be green in the web hosting industry.

Without a doubt, you have heard about climate change and are familiar with some of the effects it has on Earth. Rising temperatures, rising sea levels, extreme weather, habitat destruction and much more are plaguing life on this planet.

Instead of examining the beauty of the world, let’s take a closer look at what is wrong with our planet.

Rising Temperatures

Originally, many referred to climate change as global warming. However, this was changed for better accuracy. One of the most recognizable aspects of climate change is the Earth is getting warmer. 2018 was the fourth hottest year in recorded history. Since the 1880’s the Earth’s temperature has risen 2 degrees Fahrenheit, or 1C.

Rising Sea Levels

As the Earth warms, each region is affected differently. In the case of arctic areas, ice is melting. As the ice melts, this water needs to go somewhere and the ocean becomes its new home.

The rising sea levels spell disaster for coastal regions around the world. By the end of the century, the sea level can rise by 26 inches if current trends continue.

Habitat Destruction

The Earth is full of life, and not every type is able to live in a warmer world. Plants animals and humans rely on for food are being threatened by warmer weather. For animals that can only live in specific areas, this spells doom for them.

This problem is not exclusive to terrestrial animals. Aquatic life like fish and sea mammals are also at risk. Fish, in particular, are extremely sensitive to water temperature changes and have to relocate if the water gets too warm.

Plastic Pollution

While climate change is affected by many factors, plastic pollution is among the worst. Humans have a plastic problem which needs resolution if we do not want our oceans to be full of this waste.

If you do not believe this, look no farther than the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Over 80,000 tonnes of plastic waste float in the ocean from a myriad of sources. The longer we wait to do something, the worse it becomes.

Currently, the patch is now 3 times the size of France and growing.

Toxic Air

Another example of humans destroying the planet is the very air we breathe. Around the world, there are countless examples of toxic air that is shortening the lifespan of residents. This doesn’t come from nature; it comes from releasing harmful gases into the air for decades.

Respiratory diseases are becoming extremely common and costing governments billions to address these concerns.

We Can Change It

We Can Change

The Earth is our only home and we are destroying it, but that can change. The next generation is fighting to do so. Governments and industries are beginning to listen.

The more people that acknowledge we have a problem, the easier it becomes to create a solution. The good news is we have viable solutions. Unfortunately the longer we take, the harder it gets.

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