GreenGeeks Launches New Free Website Builder

free website builder

We work with a variety of content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, etc. While these systems are excellent in their own right, there are a bunch of other customers who have a hard time using them. Our mission is to get as many websites online as possible and so that leads us to search for a website builder that integrates with our platform and makes it easy for our customers to build websites.

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21 Useful Tips for Successful Business Blogging

business blogging

Creating and maintaining a high-quality business blog can establish you or your company as an authority in the field. It can make your business more relevant and drive traffic to the website. Which is why many brands focus on business blogging.

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WordCamp Birmingham 2019 – Recap

WordCamp Alabama Shirt
I was mentioned in the opening remarks of the camp as being the guy who came from the furthest place of all. And yes, they said I came from Costa Rica. As the camp unfolded and people asked me where I was from, they all said: “oooohhh you are that guy”.

Yes, I was that guy.

It was a WordCamp of firsts for both Birmingham and myself. For me, it was the first US WordCamp I ever spoke at. More on this in a bit! Continue reading “WordCamp Birmingham 2019 – Recap”