The Largest Ice Calving Event Ever Captured on Film

Together, the glaciers of Greenland and Antarctica hold three-quarters of the world’s fresh water. Due to the greenhouse effect and global warming, these glaciers are melting at an accelerated rate. If the trend continues, glacial melt could raise the sea level worldwide as much as 250 feet – enough to swamp coastal communities on every shore.

Also, many areas are already experiencing water shortages that threaten the health of their communities. The shrinking of glaciers only worsens the problem. When glacial ice melts into the ocean, it becomes non-potable, further diminishing the overall supply of fresh drinking water.

As the effects of global warming become increasingly severe, climate scientists are paying close attention to the migration and melting of Earth’s glaciers. They are also monitoring the volume of sea ice, those chunks that break from glaciers in “calving” events. This data provides a reliable measure of how quickly the climate is changing.

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10 of the Coolest Earth Day Facts

Earth Day - April 22 2015

The annual event that raises the consciousness of the environment in people’s minds across the world is fast approaching again. Earth Day has been a pivotal expression of our concern for the planet we share since it was started 45 years ago this coming April 22nd. Perhaps no secular event has ever had a bigger impact on people’s lives in terms of its influence on environmental laws and how people behave with respect to the environment in their daily decisions. Here are some of the 10 coolest facts about this important day and how it has influenced us all.

1. It Is the Largest Secular Holiday in the World

It is the largest secular holiday in the world. The Earth Day Network works with over 20,000 partner organizations in 192 countries to coordinate events for this day. It is estimated that over a billion people take part in Earth Day activities around the world, which makes it the largest secular event on the planet.

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The Relation Between &


We often get asked the question about what exactly the difference is between and Readers want to know whether they should use a self-hosted WordPress website or get a free blog. In this article, we’ll tell you all of the differences and nuances between the different options WordPress offers. Continue reading “The Relation Between &”

Get a Handle on WordPress Spammers with Akismet


Spam causes headaches for everybody except the spammers themselves. It can seem like an uphill battle to get these undesirables off of a site. Making some strategic changes on a site can help, like disallowing links, using cookies or Captcha verification. Thankfully, you don’t have to rely on your wits alone to stop spam. Developers have come up with applications and plugins to fight spam, too.

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10 of the Most Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix Them


WordPress may be easy to use, but it can also be daunting for beginners who have not quite gotten the hang of it. If you are starting a WordPress blog, it may benefit you to learn about the most common WordPress errors ahead of time and familiarize yourself with how to fix them.

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The Impact on Your WordPress website when your hosting provider updates PHP


When a hosting provider updates PHP, certain problems can arise that impact an end-user’s website and its functionality. PHP is the programming language used to create websites using WordPress, and as new updates are released, using newer versions eventually becomes a requirement. PHP updates are necessary, but they can occasionally can create major headaches for webmasters. Knowing the correct actions to take before and after these updates can prevent some common problems.

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Blind SQL injection vulnerability found in WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast



Over a million websites that use WordPress SEO by Yoast are at risk due to a blind SQL injection vulnerability found.  WPScan Vulnerability Database released an advisory after it had disclosed the vulnerability to the plugin’s author.

“The latest version at the time of writing ( has been found to be affected by two authenticated (admin, editor or author user) Blind SQL Injection vulnerabilities.

The authenticated Blind SQL Injection vulnerability can be found within the ‘admin/class-bulk-editor-list-table.php’ file. The orderby and order GET parameters are not sufficiently sanitized before being used within a SQL query.”

Yoast quickly responded with a patch and released the version 1.7.4:

“Fixed possible CSRF and blind SQL injection vulnerabilities in bulk editor. Added strict sanitation to order_by and order params. Added extra nonce checks on requests sending additional parameters. Minimal capability needed to access the bulk editor is now Editor. Thanks Ryan Dewhurst from WPScan for discovering and responsibly disclosing this issue.”

Immediate Update Recommended

GreenGeeks real-time security scanning is already protecting our customers from this vulnerability. While GreenGeeks has real-time monitoring in place to catch such vulnerabilities and pro-actively protect our customers from exploit, we strongly urge all of our customers to update their WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast immediately to avoid any potential issues in the future. Best practice is to ensure that all of your plugins and WordPress core files are up-to-date at all times.