Alaska’s Melting Jeopardizes Food Supply

Climate Change

Like many places in the world, climate change is drastically affecting the landscape of Alaska. However, the ice melting has gotten so bad that it is putting the food supply of the state at risk.

In particular, the sea temperature has risen dramatically. Fish are extremely sensitive to temperature changes and will generally migrate when the conditions get worse.

This will cripple the food supply in Alaska.

Warmer Oceans

The surrounding oceans are 9F (5C) degrees warmer than normal. This is accelerating the melting of the ice around the state.

Thus, the melted ice water will go into the ocean and contribute to the rising sea levels.

However, an even bigger concern for residents is the impact of wildlife. Due to the increased temperature, algae is now able to bloom.

While this might not sound terrible, it is. The Algae makes the water toxic to wildlife. Marine animals like seals and birds are washing up dead.

Economic Woes from Climate Change in Alaska

Economic Woes

Of course, the largest impact will be from the fish. Alaska relies heavily on fishing for their food supply and economy. Both are now in jeopardy, and conditions are only worsening.

This can cost many residents their jobs, which only makes a food shortage worse. Prices are likely to rise, which will hit struggling families even worse, but this has not yet happened.

Visible Global Warming Signs

For years, skeptics of climate change have used colder climates as evidence of their disbelief. There was even a senator going as far as bringing a snowball as evidence.

However, with multiple colder regions like Alaska, Greenland, Antartica, and more showing signs of global warming, it is becoming harder to deny the facts. Climate change is real, and our world is definitely making a shift.

It will not take 100 years to see these changes as we can see them right now. Only drastic action will be enough to prevent the effects from worsening, and time is running out.

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