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The Amazon Rainforest is on Fire…Again

The Amazon Rainforest is on fire again, and it’s even worse than last year. The number of fires in July has increased by 28% when compared to 2019. These fires are once again being intentionally lit to clear land for farming and ranching.

This statistic comes straight from the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) in Brazil, which monitors fires, deforestation, and the Amazon Rainforest in general. This increase in fires occurred even though the government of Brazil issued a fire ban mid-July.

Over 6,800 fires are ravaging the Amazon Rainforest at this time. Experts predict that more fires will occur in August.

Why Light Fires in the Amazon Rainforest?

Amazon Fire

So you are probably wondering why farmers and ranchers are using fire to clear land?

To put it as simply as possible, once lumber companies remove the trees from an area, instead of hiring more workers to clear the vegetation and fauna in the area, they light fires to do the job. This is quicker and cheaper, but it is also far more destructive.

Sadly, these fires often go out of control. As a result, large portions of the Amazon Rainforest become the victim. This not only destroys the forest but further displaces millions of animals by destroying one-of-a-kind habitats.

This is exactly how the record-breaking fire last year got so out of control.

The Government Is Failing to Control Fires

Ultimately, these fires are the result of the current Brazillian government’s environmental policies.

President Bolsonaro has supported and even encouraged the use of fires and deforestation since taking office. In fact, Brazil only took action due to international pressure. Most notably, investors were swearing to pull out billions of dollars.

Yet, not even one year later, fires are being used again and exceed the numbers from last year. And this is even with a fire ban in place.

However, the government is still saying they are committed to fighting deforestation.

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