Best WordPress Fonts Plugins

10 Best WordPress Fonts Plugins to Accentuate Your Posts

There are many plugins for fonts available for WordPress in the market, but how do you choose the right one for your needs?

Typography plays a huge role in how people see your website. The right font does more than just show text. It sets the mood, shows off your brand, and makes your site easy to read.

Based on a survey focusing on what visual elements are most valued on websites, typography emerged as the fourth most important factor. It was voted by 19% of respondents.

In this blog, we talk about the best plugins for fonts in WordPress. These plugins not only simplify the process of font customization but also offer a wide array of choices to match your brand’s style.

Our Picks For The Best WordPress Fonts Plugins

Great typography is essential for making a WordPress site visually appealing and easy to read. Here are some key features that define a great typography plugin for WordPress:

  • Wide Range of Font Choices: Offers a diverse selection of fonts, including both popular and unique typefaces.
  • Custom Font Upload: Allows users to upload and use their own custom fonts for greater personalization.
  • Font Customization Options: Includes features for adjusting font size, style, weight, line height, and letter spacing.
  • Live Preview Functionality: Provides a live preview option so users can see how font changes will look on their site once live.
  • Support for Multiple Languages: Accommodates a wide range of languages and character sets, ensuring versatility for multilingual sites.

With these features, here are 10 of the best plugins for fonts available in WordPress.

Google Fonts Typography

google fonts typography 2

Have you ever felt limited by the font choices on your WordPress site? Google Fonts Typography changes that.

With an impressive library of 1455 unique fonts, this plugin opens up a world of typography for your website. It’s not just about quantity, either. The quality and variety available ensure that there’s a perfect font for every site’s style and tone.

But how do you choose the right fonts? That’s where the live preview feature comes in. You can test different fonts and immediately see how they look with your content. This instant feedback makes it easy to experiment and find the perfect combination without any guesswork.

Once you’ve found the perfect font pairing, implementation is very easy. With just a click, your chosen fonts go live and transform your site’s appearance.

Key Features of Google Fonts Typography

  • Priority Support: Access expert assistance whenever you need it, just a message away.
  • Optimized Loading: Enjoy fast font loading, ensuring your site’s speed isn’t compromised.
  • Custom Selectors: For those with CSS knowledge, create your selectors for ultimate font display control.
  • Font Size: Override theme presets and choose font sizes that fit your site’s style.
  • Line Height: Adjust line height for improved readability and content flow.
  • Font Color: Personalize your site with custom font colors to add a unique flair.
  • One-click Update: Easily update your plugin to its latest version in just a click.


  • Personal: $58 for 1 website
  • Team: $98 for 3 websites
  • Business: $198 for 10 websites

Use Any Font

use any fonts plugins

Make every word count on your website with the endless possibilities of the Use Any Font plugin.

This plugin gives you the power to upload any custom font, offering an elegant and personal touch to your WordPress site.

With it, changing fonts becomes a breeze, eliminating the need for CSS knowledge. Plus, you have access to an extensive library of over 23,871 predefined fonts, including Google Fonts that can be stored on your server.

Unlike others that limit your choices or rely on external servers, this plugin lets you use any font you own in formats like ttf, otf, or woff.

This independence from external server uptime is a significant advantage. You won’t have to worry about server issues affecting your site’s typography.

Key Features of Use Any Font

  • Quick Setup: Easily install and change fonts without hassle.
  • Browser Compatibility: Supports all major browsers for a seamless user experience.
  • Automatic Conversion: Custom fonts are auto-converted to woff2 for faster loading.
  • Font Format Support: Accepts various font formats, requiring only one format upload.
  • Large File Acceptance: Handles custom font files up to 25 MB for more flexibility.
  • Language-Based Font Assignment: Supports language-specific font assignment, ideal for multi-language sites using WPML or Polylang.


  • Personal: $9.99 for 1 website
  • Business: $29.99 for 10 websites
  • Corporate: $49.99 for unlimited websites

Advanced Editor Tools

advanced editor tools fonts plugins

Advanced Editor Tools, known before as TinyMCE Advanced, makes editing in WordPress seamless.

The plugin got even better with its Version 5.5 update. Now, it has a better “Clear Formatting” button, advanced table settings, and you can even save and load your settings.

These improvements make it really user-friendly, especially for people who like things simple but effective.

And if you’re a fan of the old WordPress editor, this plugin has you covered. It lets you switch back and forth between the classic editor and newer WordPress versions. This is super helpful if you use plugins that aren’t yet compatible with the block editor.

Key Features of Advanced Editor Tools

  • Font Flexibility: Choose specific Font Families and Font Sizes in Classic blocks and the classic editor.
  • Versatile Classic Paragraph Block: Use it instead of, or along with, the standard Paragraph block.
  • Easy Block Conversions: Switch between most default blocks and classic paragraphs easily.
  • Table Tools: Create and edit tables in Classic blocks and the Classic editor.
  • List Insertion Options: Get more ways to insert lists in Classic blocks and the classic editor.
  • Search and Replace Feature: Easily find and change content in Classic blocks and the classic editor.


  • Free

Zeno Font Resizer

zeno font resizer fonts plugins

Empower your visitors with the ability to customize their reading experience using Zeno Font Resizer. This feature is especially helpful for those who find the default text size too small.

By empowering users to change the font size, it caters to a wide range of visual preferences. In effect, this makes a big difference in user experience.

The beauty of this plugin lies in its subtlety. It changes the font size for individual users without affecting the overall website. This creates a personalized experience for each visitor.

Additionally, the plugin saves every customer’s preferences in a cookie. So, every time they return to your site, they find it just as they left it.

Key Features of Zeno Font Resizer

  • JavaScript and jQuery Integration: Uses advanced technology for smooth font resizing.
  • Cookie Memory: Saves settings in a cookie for consistent user experience on return visits.
  • Customizable Settings: Has an admin page to control content resize options and steps.
  • Classic Widget Option: Easy to add to your site through a widget.
  • PHP Code Integration: Option to add PHP code directly to your theme for advanced customization.
  • Simple and Lightweight: Keeps your website fast and efficient.


  • Free

Font Awesome

font awesome fonts plugins

Font Awesome offers a comprehensive icon library and toolkit beloved by many.

This tool takes the hassle out of using icons on your website. It simplifies the process, making it accessible to everyone, not just design experts.

Styling icons can often feel tedious. Font Awesome understands this and offers finely-tuned styling tools that you can use. You can easily size, place, style, and even animate icons.

A short line of code is all it takes to create the perfect effect. This functionality brings beautiful typography and design within reach of any website creator.

Furthermore, Font Awesome goes beyond just offering a set of icons. It allows you to add to its vast library. You can include your custom icons, logos, and even other icon sets. This customization ensures that you’ll always have the perfect icon for your project.

Key Features of Font Awesome

  • Pro or Free Icons: Choose from a wide range of premium or free icons.
  • Latest Releases: Always have access to the newest icon versions.
  • SVG or Web Font Tech: Select the technology that suits your needs.
  • Font Awesome CDN and Kits: Use icons efficiently from the CDN or with Font Awesome Kits.
  • Troubleshooting Support: Resolve issues caused by multiple versions loading from other plugins/themes.
  • Version 6 Icons: Access even more options with icons from Font Awesome Version 6.
  • Pro Kits Customization: Upload and use your icons in Pro Kits for a personalized experience.


  • Free
  • Pro: $99 per year
  • Pro Max: $499 per year



Styleguide simplifies the process of editing fonts and colors in WordPress themes. You can do all this using the WordPress Customizer.

This plugin offers a wide range of typography options. It features a carefully selected collection of the top 45 Google Fonts. With so many options, finding the perfect font for your website becomes a breeze.

Styleguide is also very easy to use. It’s ideal for giving your website a unique look without needing a designer. You don’t have to dive into coding yourself.

Furthermore, the plugin offers live previews before you save your new settings. It’s perfect for those who want to see changes in real-time.

Key Features of Styleguide

  • Color Editing Support: Additional themes allow for color customization.
  • Character Set Filtering: Easily filter fonts based on character sets, ideal for non-Latin languages.
  • Developer Functionality: Add support for other themes and additional fonts.
  • Support for Multiple Character Sets: Includes Cyrillic, Hebrew, Devanagari, Vietnamese, and Latin.
  • Varied Google Fonts Selection: Choose from a wide selection of top Google fonts in any theme.


  • Free

Custom Fonts

custom fonts

Custom Fonts is an innovative typography plugin for WordPress.

It lets you upload your own fonts or choose from the vast options of Google Fonts. More importantly, these fonts are hosted on your own server to improve your website’s speed.

The plugin gives you the freedom to match your website’s typography with your brand. You can upload custom font files like .ttf or .otf. Or, pick from Google Fonts and host them locally.

In addition, Custom Fonts offers great flexibility in uploading font variants. You can add as many font weights, styles, or character sets as you need.

With Custom Fonts, creating a site with beautiful typography is straightforward and enjoyable. It’s an essential tool for anyone looking to elevate their website’s design.

Key Features of Custom Fonts

  • Enhanced Privacy and GDPR Compliance: Self-host fonts for increased data protection.
  • Full Site Editing Theme Support: Integrates easily with WordPress full site editing themes.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Built with React JS for a smooth, intuitive experience.
  • Completely Free: Have total access to the plugin without the hidden fees.
  • Seamless Typography Customization: Fine-tune your site’s typography to your preference.


  • Free



OMGF is a top-notch WordPress Google font plugin. It’s made to be both fast and easy to use.

To store fonts on your site, this plugin uses the Google Fonts API. This way, your site becomes faster and more efficient.

How OMGF works is pretty simple. After you install it, it starts finding Google Fonts every time someone visits your page. This process is automatic, making it really user-friendly.

In OMGF’s settings, you’ll see a list of Google Fonts. Here, you can do a few helpful things. You can make fonts load early to reduce layout shifts. Or, you can also start unloading fonts you don’t use.

If you have OMGF Pro, you can set fallback fonts or use system fonts. These options help make your site load faster.

Key Features of OMGF

  • Supports Different Fonts: Use a variety of fonts more efficiently.
  • Reduces CSS Size: Makes your website’s code smaller.
  • Cuts Down Extra Connections: Stops unneeded links to font servers.
  • Adds Visibility Features to Fonts: Helps keep all text on your site visible. This is done by adding the selected font-display attribute to all fonts on your website.
  • Follows Privacy Rules: Meets GDPR standards for privacy.
  • Uses Browser Caching: Makes fonts load faster using browser memory.


  • Free
  • Pro pricing starts at  €19/year.

Page Title Splitter

page title splitter

Page Title Splitter is an ideal tool for tidying up lengthy website titles.

Often, long titles can look awkward, especially on mobile devices. This is a common issue for those targeting mobile users.

Page Title Splitter solves this by allowing precise control over title breaks. You tell WordPress where to split the title text. This keeps your SEO and meta title intact while enhancing the appearance of your content.

Using this plugin, you ensure your titles look just right, regardless of the device. Titles appear neat and justified, rather than random and messy.

Page Title Splitter isn’t just about splitting titles. It also offers a CSS-style editing tool. This allows for further customization of your site. You can tweak the style to match your site’s design.

Key Features of Page Title Splitter

  • Easy Breakpoints: Set precise breakpoints in post, page, and custom post-type titles.
  • No HTML Needed: Adjust titles without adding HTML, just by setting markers.
  • Better Layout on Desktop: Creates a more visually appealing title layout on larger screens.
  • Mobile Friendly: Adjusts titles for optimal mobile device viewing.
  • Customizable with CSS: Offers flexibility to tweak title appearance.
  • Multiple Markers: Set various markers in the title text field for dynamic styling.
  • Works with Classic Editor: Compatible with WordPress Classic Editor.


  • Free



FontPress blends Google Fonts, Adobe Typekits, @font-Face fonts, and simple CSS fonts effortlessly. It even supports Google Early Access fonts for non-latin languages, broadening your typography options.

Adding and selecting fonts with FontPress is just a few clicks away. You can create global rules and combine them as needed. The plugin allows you to control a range of font parameters. These include font size with responsive units, line height, font weight, and style.

You can also adjust text decorations, transformations, colors, spacing, outlines, and shadows. This level of customization ensures you can create the best WordPress font experience for your site.

One unique feature of FontPress is its visual font preview. Unlike many other fonts plugins, FontPress lets you see font previews in various formats. You can view standard, bold, italic, and bold italic styles.

Plus, you can preview custom text in specific font sizes. This feature helps you choose the perfect font without any guesswork.

Key Features of FontPress

  • Typography Shortcode: Easily create custom text blocks without CSS knowledge.
  • Responsive Text: Features CSS3 units for adaptive font sizes and line heights.
  • Builder Compatibility: Works seamlessly with popular visual builders.
  • Automated Updates: Hassle-free updates directly from WordPress.
  • Comprehensive Font Management: Control various font parameters for superior customization.


  • $23 including 6 months of support duration

FAQs About Fonts Plugins

How do I add fonts to my WordPress plugin?

To add fonts to your WordPress site using a plugin, first install a font plugin like those mentioned above. Once installed, go to the plugin’s settings in your WordPress dashboard. Here, you can select from available font libraries (like Google Fonts) or upload your custom fonts, depending on the plugin’s capabilities.

Can you use your own fonts on WordPress?

Yes. This can be done either by using a plugin that allows custom font uploads or by manually adding font files to your theme’s CSS. The latter requires a bit of coding knowledge.

How do I add custom fonts to WordPress without plugins?

To add custom fonts to WordPress without a plugin, upload your font files (e.g., .woff, .woff2) to your theme’s directory. Then, use @font-face in your theme’s CSS to define the font. Finally, apply the font to the desired elements by specifying the font family in the CSS.

How many fonts should I use on my website?

It’s generally recommended to use 2-3 fonts on your website to maintain readability and a cohesive design. Choose one font for headings and another for body text. Using more can make the site look cluttered and affect loading times.

What is font-weight in WordPress?

In WordPress, font-weight refers to the thickness of the characters in a typeface. Common font weights include normal (400), bold (700), and others ranging from 100 (thin) to 900 (extra bold). Font weight can be adjusted in your CSS code or through certain plugins for fonts.

Can I use Google Fonts with WordPress fonts plugins?

Yes. Many WordPress plugins for fonts, such as Google Fonts Typography, are specifically designed to integrate Google Fonts into your website.

How do I get different fonts on WordPress?

To get different fonts on WordPress, you can use a fonts plugin. After installing, go to the plugin’s settings to browse and select the fonts you prefer.

Choose The Best Fonts Plugin For Your Site

As we wrap up our exploration of the best WordPress typography plugins, it’s clear that the right choice can dramatically enhance the look and feel of your site.

Each plugin we’ve discussed offers unique features, from a wide range of font choices to easy customization and responsive design compatibility. With these tools, creating a website that is not only visually stunning but also user-friendly and accessible becomes an achievable goal.

Your website deserves to be as awesome as your content, and the right choice of fonts is the key to unlocking its full potential. Choose the perfect fonts for your WordPress site today with these plugins and start building a truly unique and engaging online presence.