Better Building Designs Can Help Fight Climate Change

Fight climate change

If we want to be successful in the fight against climate change, designing better building techniques is a necessity. In the United States, buildings overall account for 39% of CO2 emissions.

The large amounts of carbon emissions are due to the electricity they consume. Buildings account for 70% of the electricity used in the United States.

In particular, air conditioning and heating are crucial in designs. Thus, smarter planning can reduce this number significantly.

Hotter Summers, More Air Conditioning

The Earth’s temperature has been increasing and the last 4 years have been the hottest in history. This July was the hottest month of all time, and the heatwaves that were observed in Europe were shattering records.

As you would expect, the demand for electricity is increasing as more air conditioning is being utilized.

In the United States, an average home’s air conditioning accounts for 12% of energy consumption. As the temperatures continue to increase, our energy demand will only grow.

Better Design Is The Answer

Better Designs

The architect designs vary depending on what region you live in. Houses built in colder climates will have thicker insulation that helps reduce the amount of heat that escapes.

This helps reduce the amount of heat needed in the winter.

However, houses built in warmer climates will utilize designs that allow for heat to escape. In this regard, architects in Malaysia are moving in the right direction.

To live comfortably, air conditioning is a must. However, it is at the cost of large amounts of electricity. Combatting this by using better materials, such as glass which allows light to pass through but not heat, is essential.

However, the biggest part of the new designs is where the air conditioner is located. Instead of being on the side or on top of the building, it is placed under.

According to the architect, this can save the building between 30% to 50% in energy costs.

Green Designs Are Not A Fad

Many critics are labeling going green as a fad, but it’s just the right thing to do.

These types of choices can help fight climate change by saving energy, which in turn saves money.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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