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How to Choose Typography and Color for Your WordPress Website

How your website appears can influence how long a person will remain. Now, a lot of people attribute most of this to the overall design process. However, typography plays a vastly important role if you want to improve engagement and retention.

This is because difficult text is not very appealing, and people will more than likely leave your content behind. But what makes an attractive layout when it comes to typography?

Well, that really depends on your site and what you’re trying to achieve. In this webinar, Marco Berrocal goes over the basics of typography and how it can make a profound difference for your visitors.

Learning the Basics of Typography

For centuries, people have been perfecting the art of typography. Because in many instances, it takes more than just slapping words up on any product while expecting a huge response from your target market or audience.

Think about it; how often have you been to a website and either couldn’t read the text? Perhaps you’ve left websites simply because the font size or color was too small or light.

These are the kinds of things that can ultimately ruin a decent blog post. Even if you have the most informative article on the Internet, poor typography can result in poor performance.

Color Usage

Marco goes over how to utilize color in your website’s text and ways to get the biggest bang for your effort. Because, if the color is off or contrasts too much with the background, it can make for exceptionally poor reading.

Choosing the right color can accentuate the content and make the article seem to come together. The right color can also accentuate the website’s design aesthetic.

Types, Fonts, and Layout

When choosing a font type and size, you need to keep in mind a lot of different things regarding your website. First of all, too small of a font might be too difficult to read on a mobile device.

Fonts can also cause issues depending on whether your target audience can read them well enough.

How to Choose the Best Typography

Let Marco help you decide on finding the best text layouts for your website. You learn how to select the best typography according to the needs of your visitors and how it can impact your site’s performance overall.

With so many options available, you may need to do a bit of trial and error to find the best combination of color and font type. But, the end result is worth the effort as it could greatly affect on-page time for your content.

Never Underestimate the Value of Your Text

Typography plays a much bigger role in website development than many people believe. Everything from color to size can influence the success of your content.

The last thing you want is for an amazing post to get ignored simply because people could read the text.

Select the best typography for your site and give your visitors an easier time reading.

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