Elementor and WordPress

Elementor and WordPress: A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide Webinar

Elementor is an incredible system for designing a WordPress website. With a myriad of tools at your disposal, you can create just about anything you can envision. In reality, you’re only limited by your imagination.

In this webinar, Marco Berrocal walks you through the process of setting up Elementor in WordPress and how it all works.

What’s In Today’s Webinar?

In this video, Marco goes over the basics of Elementor and how it can help you create amazing websites. By breaking down each element, you’ll see just how easy it is to put something together that is completely unique.

And in a world with millions upon millions of websites, being unique can help you stand out against the competition.

Installing and Setting Up Elementor in WordPress

The installation process for Elementor is very easy and straightforward. The developers ensured that anyone of any skill level is capable of adding the platform to WordPress.

This means you don’t need a degree or a background in programming knowledge to set up the system.

And with two of the easiest platforms to use for website building, you can go far without writing a single line of code.

Adding Pages with Ease

Adding pages in Elementor is quite easy. In this webinar, Marco shows how you can set up several and get them ready for visitors.

Whether you’re building a basic blog or a feature-rich business site, certain pages are virtually necessary. For example, an “About” and “Contact” page not only makes you appear more professional to an audience, but Google likes these as well when it comes to building authority.

Not to mention how versatile a contact form is. You can set them up as a way for guests to comment about your business or website. Or, a blogger can opt to create one simply to let sponsors contact him or her directly.

There’s no doubt, certain pages are extremely valuable.

Should You Upgrade Elementor?

You can do a lot in Elementor under the free version. However, Elementor Pro can take your site even further. This video shows just some of the awesome functionality you get after upgrading.

However, upgrading is completely up to you. There are millions of websites out there using the free version of Elementor. Moving up to the paid version just gives you a lot more flexibility and options for building an even better website.

Get More Out of Your Website with Elementor

Site builders like Elementor provide you with an incredible platform. Not only can you build a site how you like, but it also saves time from trying to find themes and plugins to do the same.

And with Elementor’s ever-growing list of features and add-ons, you can really take a design as far as you’d like.

Before you spend hours trying to find that perfect layout or trying to insert coding snippets to accomplish a minor adjustment, take a look at what Elementor can do for you.

It can save you an incredible amount of time and effort.

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