Extinction Rebellion Sink a House in Protest

Extinction Rebellion

The Extinction Rebellion has just performed one of its most extreme protests to date. They sailed a sinking home through River Thames to highlight the effects of rising sea levels.

This protest stunt occurred while the UK has nearly 50 flood warnings. And the prime minister, Boris Johnson, does not see it as an emergency. The idea was to send an “SOS” message to the government to act now.

On top of this, the group also wants to raise awareness on the rising sea levels, which are fully supported by scientific research. For over 7 years the sea level has continued to rise and that isn’t going to stop on its own.

A Visual Message

Of course, many may find it hard to understand why the group went so far, but they have a rather simple answer.

People find it difficult to connect all of the information we have on climate change. Thus, a simple and clear visual message can help everyone understand and see what’s happening.

In this case, there are hundreds if not thousands of studies on rising sea levels and they can be quite hard to digest. However, seeing a sinking house, that’s pretty easy to understand.

A Threat To The Poor

While floods pose a serious threat to everyone, they are far more devastating to the poor.

For starters, more people tend to live in poorer communities. Thus, a higher population density means more people will be impacted.

These people tend to live paycheck to paycheck, and if they lose everything, there really isn’t a way for them to recover.

As these communities are forced to live more inland, the overall population density will increase substantially. This will make living conditions worse than ever.

The People Have Spoken


Just about everywhere in the world, people are calling governments into action. Protest groups like the Extinction Rebellion are becoming more active.

Climate change is a real threat and there are mountains of evidence to prove it.

All that’s left is for us to take action.

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