GreenGeeks Announces the WordPress Repair Tool

With the web hosting industry changing faster than ever, GreenGeeks strives to provide quality tools and services for our customers to enjoy, which makes us proud to announce the launch of a new, all-in-one WordPress Repair tool.

Quickly Fix Common WordPress Issues

This revolutionary utility can fix more than 90% of the most common WordPress problems. Think of it like going to your mechanic for a multi-point vehicle inspection, but for your website.

Now, GreenGeeks can help repair your website to a functional state without even having to log in to your site.

This innovative process:

  • Secures your WordPress core files with clean, current versions
  • Provides software updates for your WordPress core, theme, and plugins
  • Optimizes your WordPress database
  • Resets your WordPress administrator passwords
  • Restores default configuration file and .htaccess values
  • And much, much more!

In short, this new tool can be your lifeline when you need an additional hand with your WordPress website.

Available Soon in the GreenGeeks Dashboard

Could there be anything better than this you ask? Why, yes!

While this tool is currently only available for BETA testing this time, our hope is to one day integrate this into the GreenGeeks Dashboard. This means that once available, customers can repair their WordPress website with the click of a button, without even having to call or open a Support ticket.

If you have a website you think needs an appointment with our WordPress Repair tool, open up a Support Ticket for more assistance.

4 thoughts on “GreenGeeks Announces the WordPress Repair Tool”

  1. WordPress is amazing due to how user friendly it is. I love seeing new things like this especially when it comes to quick fixes and security. It’s good to see that protection is there and the automotive reference truly hit it on the spot. Great article overall.

  2. Proud to be a customer of GreenGeeks. I love the innovative mindset that always focus on helping the customers by making things easier for them.

    Hope this is added to dashboard soon.

    All the best.

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