Hottest Decade

This Has Been The Hottest Decade in History

The annual State of the Climate report by the American Meteorological Society found that 2019 was one of the hottest years ever and the last decade has been the hottest in history. The previous six years alone contributed to that record-breaking streak. We are now seeing climate change in action.

From 2010-2019, the average temperature increased by 0.2°C, the sea levels rose for eight consecutive years, glaciers continue to melt for 32 years straight, wildfire events are occurring regularly and becoming far stronger, and much more.

This all happens as greenhouse gases in our atmosphere continue to reach new record highs.

The World Is Warming Too Fast


Unfortunately, this report shows the severity of the situation. Our planet is warming too fast, and the effects of climate change are visible.

As a result of record temperatures being seen around the world, multiple regions have experienced droughts and water shortages. In fact, cities in India completely ran out of water as a result.

The hottest decade didn’t just leave humans hot; it left the very land smoldering. As a result, trees and plants began to dry out. The Australian bushfires are the result of these conditions and burned for months, resulting in the displacement of 3 billion animals.

And it isn’t just the land that is warming; the oceans are too. This makes it difficult for sea life to survive. As a result, fish are migrating into new areas.

The most alarming conditions are found in the arctic, where temperatures are rising faster than anywhere else. Glaciers are melting at an alarming rate and all of that meltwater is causing the sea level to rise.

Climate Change Will End Humanity

The report makes it clear; our current practices concerning greenhouse gases are unacceptable. They will end society as we know it.

However, there is hope, as nations begin to work towards recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, green technology will play a huge role. Green projects are a great way to create high paying jobs and in great number.

This may be the last chance to change.

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