Pringles Is Testing An Environment-Friendly Can Design

In the United Kingdom, Pringles is launching a 6-week test with two new can designs. The can will now be made of recycled paper with one test having a paper lid and the other having a plastic one. Both lids are recyclable.

Changing the classic Pringles can came after it infamously became the number one recycling villain. The can was previously impossible to reuse from a recycling standpoint because of how difficult it was to separate the different parts.

This is because it contained foil, metal, paper board, and plastic. But now, that is going to change.

Kellogg’s Goals


Kellogg’s is the parent company of Pringles, and this design change is part of the company’s goals of switching to 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging by the end of 2025.

Currently, 76% of the companies packaging is recyclable, with 100% of its timber-based packaging (cardboard and paper) being fully recyclable. However, even more impressive is that the plastic bag with Kellogg’s products is also recyclable

The change to the Pringles can will be a huge part of the company reaching that goal.

Why Still Use A Can Design

You may be wondering why the company does not just ditch the can altogether. After all, all other chips come in a bag that can easily be recycled.

However, the can is the iconic look of Pringles, and changing it is not something the company would consider.

The can is also important to make sure that Pringles chips do not break up. You may notice that when you open up a traditional bag of chips, many of the chips end up broken at the bottom of the bag. The can avoids this problem.

This also is in-line with another of the company’s goals, reducing food waste.

Most of the time those broken up chips are thrown away instead of being eaten. Thus, preserving the can design is in their best interest.

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