SEO and WordPress Webinar

SEO and WordPress: A Beginner’s Webinar to Optimize Websites

Search engine optimization is an imperative aspect of any website. It’s what drives the majority of your traffic. And today, Marco Berrocal dives into the basics for SEO and WordPress to help you reach higher levels of success.

Even with the very basics, you can make profound changes in how search engines like Google find your content. In this video, Marco will show you how to get started right away.

How to Set Up SEO in WordPress

Search engine optimization may seem intimidating, at first. There’s a lot of cogs turning to ensure your website appears in a good position within Google.

However, Marco shows you just how easy it truly is. In this video, he tackles things like:

Understanding the Basics of HTML

Setting up HTML is the beginning stage of good SEO practices. Although WordPress does a lot of this for you, it’s good to know how to take control yourself

This way, you can make your own modifications that help grab the attention of search engines. Besides, it’s always best to basic coding works in WordPress.

Keywords and How to Use Them

Keywords are the bread and butter of any website. Marco shows you how to find great terms, long-tail phrases, and what to do with them in your content.

After all, you need to create user-focused content if you want to do well with both visitors and search engines. Knowing how keywords and phrases work helps you do just that.

Web Hosting and How it Affects SEO in WordPress

Many people don’t know just how much of an impact good web hosting makes on SEO. Things like functionality, uptime, and speed greatly impacts how websites perform on the results page of Google.

Choosing the right host matters if you want your website to compete. In this video, you learn just how much of an impact hosting actually makes.

Using Plugins to Expand SEO in WordPress

Plugins are one of the reasons why WordPress is such a prominent content management system. You can find add-ons to do just about anything for your website.

Marco goes over using plugins to expand SEO within the WordPress platform. And with so many to choose from, you’ll easily find one that meets your needs.

Setting Up a Good Permalink Structure

Permalinks are the web addresses of your content. And having a logical layout can make a difference in how people engage with your content. Some will even create custom permalinks to further engage potential visitors.

In this webinar, you can see how to change those permalinks and what may work best for your own website.

On a side note, it’s always best to set up your permalink structure before producing tons of content. Although you can switch it later on, it takes a bit of effort to make sure you can change permalinks without losing SEO in the process.

Get More out of SEO within WordPress

Every website owner needs a good strategy for using SEO in WordPress. Luckily, there are all kinds of tools and resources to help you along. And this webinar is just one way we can help you get more out of the experience.

What do you think is the easiest when it comes to creating good SEO content?

If you’re interested in joining the next webinar, feel free to contact us.

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