The US Loses 36 Million Trees Every Year


The United States loses 36 million trees every year in urban and rural cities. Deforestation clears out forests to make the land usable for something else like houses, roads, stores, and other human structures.

While it may sound like this will improve everyday life for residents, it will have the opposite effect. Trees play an important part in keeping our air clean and providing relief from the sun.

In fact, according to a new study, the shade from a tree’s canopy can help lower the temperature by 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Responsible Development

If you decided to pull up some pictures of your city from 10 years ago, you will probably notice a lot more trees. Increased development by humans is the number one reason why deforestation occurs.

Instead, humanity needs to prepare better and make sensible expansions to its infrastructure.

About 80% of the United States population lives in an urban area. The majority of major cities, on both the east and west coast, are located next to forests.

Natural Loss

It is important to note that many of the trees that are lost each year are not from humans. Natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados, and other events are just as responsible.

In particular, forest fires are extremely dangerous and they are only becoming more common due to the worsening climate conditions.

Why Trees Are Important

Trees have a lot of positive traits that make them important for the world and its inhabitants.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Temperature Reduction
  • Carbon Absorbers
  • Absorb Excess Water
  • Block Noise
  • Support Wildlife

Removing them from urban areas is a huge mistake and will ultimately make these areas unhealthy to live in.

In fact, planting more trees is our best choice to combat climate change.

Everyone Can Make A Difference

Plant A Tree

While you may think that the majority of tree protection will come through legislation, you might be surprised to learn that everyone can help.

For example, property owners can help by maintaining the trees they do have and by planting more. In some cases, instead of removing saplings, you can simply dig them up and re-plant them.

It is also important to avoid common misconceptions. While planting a tree is great, they take years to fully grow. Planting a new tree does not entirely make up for the removal of an old tree.

Be active and bring up local tree health with officials and homeowners who can ensure the care of these life-givers.

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