There is More Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere Than Ever Before

Carbon Dioxide Levels

Throughout our planet’s history, the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have never been so high. Currently, 415ppm (parts per million) of carbon dioxide can be found in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide is the most abundant greenhouse gas in our atmosphere. It is the largest contributor to climate change and global warming. Humanity is now in uncharted territory.

Where Is It All Coming From

Carbon dioxide is one of the most common by-products of chemical reactions. You can find it coming out of the exhaust pipe of your vehicle, industries vents,  forest fires and plenty of other instances. One way to look at it is; if it burns, it releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

One of the largest contributors to CO2 emissions is coal. For decades, it has been the leader in power generation around the world. However, many nations are now beginning to move away from the substance and replace it with cleaner sources.

Why are Carbon Dioxide Levels a Problem?

Greenhouse Effect

The accumulation of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide is a serious problem. These gases hold heat and raise the global temperature, this is known as the Greenhouse Effect.

However, the rising temperatures bring a host of problems that threaten the world. For example, the temperature will cause ice to melt in the Antarctic.

This will lead to rising sea levels, which will completely submerge coastlines and threaten hundreds of millions of humans and wildlife who inhabit the area.

On top of this, the oceans themselves will become warmer, which will result in the death of millions of fish. Most species of fish are very sensitive to temperature changes and can only live in very specific temperatures.

These carbon dioxide levels will completely change the landscape of the planet.

It’s Not Too Late

The devastation that climate change will bring is not new knowledge. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t getting worse. For this very purpose, the Paris Climate Accord exists.

The accord’s intent is to limit global warming to a 2C increase, but that is becoming less likely as carbon emissions continue to rise. However, if nations around the world enforce stronger measures, it is possible to achieve this goal and more.

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