Toyota Doubles Down On Hydrogen-Powered Cars

Hydrogen Powered Cars

While car manufacturers are racing to improve electric vehicles, Toyota is doubling down on hydrogen-powered cars. This alternative source of power only produces water as a byproduct, which means no emissions.

Hydrogen-powered cars have multiple advantages when compared to electric vehicles. They have a much greater range (how far the vehicle can travel without refueling) and significantly faster refueling.

Unlike electric vehicles which can take anywhere from 20-60 minutes to fully charge, hydrogen refueling only takes between 3-5 minutes. And considering that long refueling time is one of the major criticisms of electric vehicles, it’s a big deal.

How Does It Work?

Refueling a hydrogen-powered car is simple. Simply fill it with compressed hydrogen gas. The gas will then combine with oxygen in the air, which creates water (the only byproduct) and electricity.

Now as you may have noticed, gas stations do not have a hydrogen depot in them. This is exactly the same problem that electric cars face, not enough charge stations.

However, just like charge stations are expanding to meet demand, Toyota and other car manufacturers are working to ensure there are more hydrogen refill locations available.

It is a slow process but is one which they are committed.

Not Done With Electric Cars

Electric Cars

While Toyota is pursuing Hydrogen-powered cars, it has not abandoned electric vehicles. In fact, it’s the complete opposite.

Toyota recently announced a new five-year plan in which half of its overall sales will come from electric vehicles. And considering that the list of nations that are banning or planning to ban fossil fuel cars is growing, it isn’t unrealistic.

The main issues that have plagued electric car sales have been the price, range, and refueling options. The infrastructure is just not adequate to support a full fleet of electric cars, but it is moving rapidly in that direction.

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