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Understanding Your Audience: Who They Are And What They Want

Knowing who your audience is and what they’re looking for is the foundation of delivering a great website. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to find this information, and our guest speaker, Topher DeRosia, will help you.

The bottom line is that if you don’t know who your audience is, it may cost you time and money. It can also inadvertently hurt your online presence and what you’re trying to create.

In this webinar, Topher helps you find out who those people are and how you can engage them.

4 Steps to Consider

Before you begin, there are several steps that will help you connect to a specific audience. You need to:

  1. Decide who your audience is
  2. Figure out what they want
  3. Give it to them as best you can
  4. Regularly go over numbers 2 and 3

In this video, Topher will go over each of these elements and highlight what you need to do.

Deciding Who Your Audience Is

The first step is to make a decision about who your target audience is. For instance, you wouldn’t be trying to connect with people looking for car parts if you share recipes about ways to bake chicken.

The two audiences are completely different.

If you need something more generalized, think about the difference between gamers and runners. This is another example of two completely different audience types.

Topher breaks down why this is important and how you can make a decision regarding your target audience.

Find Out What the Audience Wants

Perhaps the most difficult part of engaging an audience is knowing what they want. Because every creator is different, this is something you’ll have to spend time cultivating.

Even if two websites have similar content, they can have completely different audience types. A lot of the time, it’s based on style, information delivery, and personality.

In this webinar, Topher goes over the different methods you can use to discover what your audience wants to consume most.

Give the Audience What They Want

Your audience is often going to be your greatest tool when creating virtually any type of content. From blogs to YouTube videos, it’s all about making that connection with those who want to consume your content.

Since the delivery method varies greatly from one person to the next, the type of content you create is completely up to you.

Though, it’s never a bad idea to test out new ideas and strategies with your audience. You may find they want something else or something in addition to what you provide.

Periodically Start the Process Over

What you are providing to your audience today may not be the most ideal five years down the road. A lot can happen over that time, and the overall interest of your audience might change.

A lot of creators often pivot the type of content they produce as trends and other situations evolve. If you want to remain successful, you must change with the needs of your audience.

Or, you could always work to find another type of consumer. Either way, regularly review what you think your audience wants to consume.

Your Audience Propels You Forward

Knowing what your audience wants and delivering is the quickest way to success. Because without those consumers, your website or business will sit stagnantly.

I’d like to thank Topher for his insights in this webinar, and I hope it helps you understand why this is an ultimately important topic.

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