The Next Major Green Craze is Coming, Vegan Sneakers

Vegan Shoes

Companies are searching for the next big green craze, and Reebok may be leading the pack with vegan sneakers. Everyone needs shoes, and the existing ones are filling landfills at an alarming rate.

Reebok has just announced by Fall 2020, you will be able to buy your very own pair.

The sustainable plant-based shoes make a lot of sense when you realize that over 300 million shoes are thrown away every year in just the United States. They are quickly filling up our landfills.

And due to the materials of which they are made, it will take between 30 and 40 years for these sneakers to break down. Thus, we need to make our footwear more sustainable.

What Makes this Footwear Sustainable?

The company has described the materials used to build this new shoe, the Reebok Forever Floatride Grow. They include soles made from castor beans, natural rubber, a fabric made from the eucalyptus tree, and an algae-based foam.

These materials will make the shoe sustainable and the shoes will not take nearly as long to break down when discarded.

Quality Guarantee

Reebok is well known for quality running shoes, and these vegan sneakers will be no exception.

While you may be thinking that these materials cannot hold up against traditional materials, according to Reebok, you’re wrong.

The company has stated that the shoes have held up very well when compared to their other running-foot-wear. In fact, they went on to say the success of the product depended entirely on the quality.

This is because while runners have a strong desire to use plant-based shoes, they are not willing to sacrifice performance. Thus, Reebok spent three years developing these shoes with that in mind.

All Products Have A Green Future

Circular Economy

One thing is perfectly clear to companies, green products are here to stay and finding out what might be the next big sensation is what most of them are working on.

A great example is an innovation Burger King displayed when it offered the Impossible Whopper. This created a huge buzz in the fast-food industry and even brought in vegans and vegetarians to the restaurant chain for the first time.

The shoe industry will not be any different. If you can make it greener, it will sell in today’s eco-conscious market.

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