WordCamp Brisbane 2019

WordCamp Brisbane

For the second year in a row, WordCamp Brisbane 2019 is held at the QUT Garden Point Campus. This beautiful location overlooks the Brisbane River in Queensland. And GreenGeeks will be there as Brock Hamilton will attend to hand out some swag!

I’ve always wanted to visit Australia, and I am a bit jealous that Brock gets to have some fun Down Under.

What to Expect at WordCamp Brisbane

From Saturday the 24th of August through the 25th, this two-day event has a lot going on. From basic usage to more in-depth development, everyone can learn something new regardless of skill level at this camp.

For example, you can sit in on sessions such as:

  • 30 WordPress website audits in 30 days. The lessons I learned
    In this talk, Tony Cosentino breaks down the experiences of analyzing 30 websites. This includes the 10 biggest issues as well as how to fix and avoid them.
  • Generating Leads, Getting Clients and Winning Proposals
    WordPress can do a lot for the online business owner. Wil Brown will go over how to set up landing pages, create effective pitches and ways to take advantage of sales funnels.
  • Introduction to Plugin Development
    Plugins can offer an incredible opportunity for yourself or clients and customers. Cameron Jones will guide you through the process of developing a plugin from the very beginning.
  • Why no one is reading your blog posts (and how to change that)
    This session revolves around knowing how to optimize for Google and creating content people want to read. Kate Toon will demonstrate things like the importance of readability as well as understanding E-A-T; Expertise, Authority and Trust.
  • Little Known Secrets to Supercharge Your WordPress.org Site with WordPress.com
    A lot of people don’t realize how using WordPress.com to support a website is incredibly effective. Nik Cree will show how using WordPress.com can offer a variety of features to boost any WordPress-based website.

At this year’s WordCamp Brisbane, you can find a lot of different sessions from business administration to effective freelancing.

That’s one of the things I love most about these camps. Virtually anyone who has an online presence of any kind can benefit from most of these sessions.

Fun Facts About Brisbane

While visiting WordCamp Brisbane, make sure you take time out for yourself and explore the city. It has a lot of interesting sights and can easily accentuate the experience.

While looking up some information about this awesome location, I found out:

  1. Brisbane played a huge part in World War II shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. In December of 1943, 75,000 American troops were stationed in Brisbane and supported the effort with an ideal location and support facilities.
  2. Since 1858, the world’s first cultivated Macadamia tree in City Botanic Gardens has been producing nuts every year. And about 70% of the world’s macadamia nuts in society can trace lineage back to this single tree.
  3. The first man to fly across the Pacific Ocean in 1928 landed in Brisbane. Sir Charles Kingsford Smith flew for roughly 3.5 days from Oakland, California to Australia.

And this is just a sliver of Brisbane’s awesome history. It’s definitely among the places I would love to visit in the near future.

We’ll Be There, Brisbane

Not only is WordCamp Brisbane in an incredible locale, but the talks themselves are enough to drive any user of WordPress to attend. While you’re there, don’t forget to stop by and speak with Brock. Meeting attendees is one of the highlights of why GreenGeeks goes to many of these camps world-wide.

I would like to thank all sponsors, organizers, volunteers and attendees who contribute to keeping WordCamp Brisbane a success every year. Have a fun and safe weekend, Brisbane!

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