WordCamp for Publishers Columbus 2019

WordCamp Publishers Columbus 2019

WordCamp for Publishers is a bit different than regular camps. It focuses more on the editorial, engineering and publication side of WordPress. This year, WordCamp for Publishers in Columbus takes place on August 7th through the 9th at Vue Columbus. And our very own Patrick Henderson will be there.

So be sure to stop by and say, “hi” while grabbing some GreenGeeks swag!

What to Expect at WordCamp for Publishers Columbus

This event is full of incredible talks for those who use WordPress for publications. The editing prospects themselves are worth the trip as you can pick up a lot of information.

Some of the things you’ll come across this year include:

  • Newletter Guide for Publishers
    Newsletters can play an incredible role in engaging visitors and building an audience. In this session, Joseph Lichterman and Emily Roseman go over a variety of topics to ensure newsletter success.
  • Leveraging WordPress as a Digital Sports Publisher
    For those who are into publishing sports media, Theresa Spencer will go over elements such as understanding KPIs, business strategies and developing an efficient platform in WordPress.
  • Storytelling Essentials Every Content Creator, Developer, and Publisher Should Understand
    One of the best ways to engage an audience is through storytelling. In this talk, Nathan B Weller details how every publishing team can benefit from understanding how this all works.
  • Conquering Lighthouse to Provide a Better User Experience
    Using Lighthouse can offer a lot of insight into website performance. In this talk, Seth Alling goes over individual parts that Lighthouse analyzes and how you can optimize the framework of WordPress.
  • Helping your Team Transition to Gutenberg
    Gutenberg has made massive changes to how authors create content in WordPress. Keanan Koppenhaver breaks down how you can transition from the traditional editor to Gutenberg blocks.

From a content creator’s perspective, I’d love to attend WordCamp for Publishers in Columbus. From team reinforcement to a solitary blogger, there is a lot of information available for driving success in a publishing atmosphere.

Fun Facts About Columbus, OH

While attending the WordCamp, don’t forget to explore some of what Columbus has to offer. The city has been around for quite some time and has generated quite the backstory over the years.

For example:

  1. The Anthony Thomas Candy Company pushes quite a bit of chocolate from its Columbus factory. Can you image what 50,000 pounds of chocolate looks like? That’s how much is produced on a daily basis!
  2. The first cargo flight landed in Columbus carrying silk from Dayton in 1910. Philip Parmalee, a 24-year old who graduated the Wright flying school, flew 65 miles in about 66 minutes.
  3. The first Junior High School in the United States was opened in Columbus, OH in 1909, Indianola Junior High. It is still operating today as the Graham Expeditionary School.

For some amazing, turn-of-the-century architecture, Columbus has you covered.

We’ll Be in Columbus, Ready for Visitors

While attending WordCamp for Publishers in Columbus, don’t forget to stop by our booth and grab some awesome swag. I wish I was able to attend myself as I am sure to miss some of these incredible talks.

However, Patrick Henderson will be there and ready to hand some goodies to the patrons.

Enjoy the experience, everyone. I’m sure it’ll be a grand success.

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  1. I was excited to read about this camp and I just couldn’t get over the 50,000 lbs a day of chocolate for your Columbus fun fact! I won’t be able to make it this year, but I look forward to following up here to see how it went!

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