WordCamp Kansas City 2019

WordCamp Kansas City 2019

On June 28th through the 29th, WordCamp Kansas City 2019 takes place, and GreenGeeks is going to be there in person! Located at the Johnson County Community College, the weekend is full of incredible talks and a promising After Party.

For ticket information, visit the WordCamp Kansas City website for availability and pricing.

This year, Anna Gargioni and I will be attending on behalf of GreenGeeks. This is my first official WordCamp, and I am truly excited to be a part of the GreenGeeks team.

What to Expect at WordCamp Kansas City 2019

One of the more prominent points of these WordCamps is how the topics are more than just how to use our favorite content management system. Speakers address a wide variety of topics to help you succeed whether you’re building a personal blog or an eCommerce powerhouse.

Some of the talks at this year’s WordCamp include:

  • Five Legal Issues Every Freelancer Should Understand
    Chris Brown gives a speech regarding the most vital legal concerns any freelancer needs to know. He covers things like running an LLC, reporting and paying taxes and hiring subcontractors.
  • Top WordPress Plugins for Newbies
    Plugins are the lifeblood of WordPress. And Breht Burri will go into detail about installing, using and finding the most useful and reliable plugins to improve the experience for yourself as well as visitors.
  • Advanced Analysis with Google Analytics
    How your visitors use the site is vital to success. Craig Paddock will talk about implementing Google Analytics and how you can get more out of the tracking system itself. This is one I am hoping to attend.
  • How to Get Massive Amounts of Traffic with Pinterest for Free
    Pinterest is one of those platforms that has grown quite well over the years. Katie Simecka will help you understand how to engage all those visitors to drive traffic to your WordPress website. This is another that piques my interest.
  • Simple SEO Content Creation Strategies for Your Business Website
    Content strategies are vastly important for brand awareness as well as turning visitors into customers. Travis Pflanz will discuss easy SEO-centered content to engage a larger audience. As this speaks near to my heart, I will definitely keep an eye out for this talk.

This is only a handful of the talks that are going on at WordCamp Kansas City 2019. There are far more available, ranging from WordPress development to site design.

If you’re a WordPress enthusiast or even just a basic user, it’s difficult to find a better collection of knowledge than at any WordCamp.

Fun Facts About Kansas City

This will be the second time I’ve ever visited Kansas City. Though, the first time really doesn’t count because I was in a van heading to Arkansas. This time, I hope to get in a bit of sightseeing.

But if you’re in the area, here are some interesting facts regarding Kansas City:

  1. Although Central Park in New York is widely known around the world, Swope Park in Kansas City is more than double in size. It takes up a whopping 1,805 acres of landscape!
  2. The nickname, “City of Fountains,” was given to Kansas City because there are over 200 of them around town. Since I love fountains, I am hoping to get a couple of good pictures while I’m there.
  3. For you chocolate lovers, Russel Stover has been based in Kansas City for more than 80 years. Since 1932, the company has called Kansas City home.

And this doesn’t even scratch the surface regarding local facts. I’m excited to actually spend time in the wonderful city and probably dine on some great barbecue cuisine.

Thank you to all of the organizers, speakers and guests for making WordCamp Kansas City 2019 possible. If it wasn’t for the drive and support of the WordPress community, these would be far less grandiose.

I’m looking forward to attending, and I hope to see you all there. If you’re available, don’t forget to stop by and grab some GreenGeeks swag from Anna or myself!

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