WordCamp Montreal 2019

WordCamp Montreal

WordCamp Montreal takes place at the John Molson School of Business this year, and GreenGeeks is not only a sponsor, but we’ll also be there in person! Our own Philip Crout is attending and will be ready to hand out some swag.

It is sure to be a great event running from August 10th and the 11th. Plus, WordCamp Montreal features workshops and networking in both English and French.

What to Expect at WordCamp Montreal

This WordCamp has a lot to offer developers, business-minded individuals and in general regarding how to maintain a website. In fact, there are quite a few that I would love to attend in every category.

At WordCamp Montreal, you can find sessions such as:

  • Effective Copywriting Tips of Better UX
    Content is king, there is no doubt. Being able to deliver effective copy can improve the user experience. Andrea Zoellner breaks down basic principles and how to develop the best copywriting possible.
  • SEO as Storytelling
    It takes more than keywords for effective SEO. The story of your brand needs to be told using optimization tools. Hannah Morrow helps you along by showing you how to use those tools to create your brand’s story.
  • How to Win (and keep) Awesome Clients
    As a freelancer, this is one talk I would love to sit in on. Tippi Thole goes into detail for simple techniques for winning over clients and evaluating new projects. Anyone working from home should want to attend this talk.
  • WordPress SEO – Fighting through the Garbage
    When it comes to developing a WordPress website, a lot of aspects play into SEO. Plugins, themes and more are part of that experience. Gary Nugent teaches the basics of good SEO practices in the massive WordPress environment.
  • How Events Can Grow and Maintain Your Client Base
    This is more of a general business talk. Breann McDede explains how and why you should want to host events to develop your brand. A lot can be said about meeting potential customers face-to-face.

This only scratches the surface. As I am unable to read French, I can’t really highlight the other talks that are available. But I assure you, they are plentiful.

Fun Facts About Montreal, Canada

  1. Did Montreal have Google before Google had Google? In 1990, three Montreal students developed an online search engine called, “Archie.” Some consider it to be the first of its kind.
  2. In 1644, a dog named, “Pilote” saved the settlement of Ville-Marie by howling when the Iroquois attacked. The early warning prevented the destruction of the village, which may have saved Montreal from non-existence.
  3. Frederick Law Olmstead, the designer for New York’s Central Park, also designed Montreal’s Mount Royal Park.

So when visiting WordCamp Montreal, take a moment and breath in the city. There’s a lot to explore and learn of this incredible place.

We’ll Be There Soon, Montreal!

While attending the camp, don’t forget to stop by and speak with Phil. He’ll be there, handing out some fun swag and talking with attendees.

I would like to thank all of the sponsors, organizers, attendees and especially the volunteers. Without your support, the WordPress community wouldn’t be what it is today.

Have fun, this weekend!

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