WordCamp Ottawa 2019

WordCamp Ottawa 2019

WordCamp Ottawa 2019 in Ontario runs July 13th and 14th, and we’ll be there in person to hand out some awesome swag! It’ll be held at Richcraft Hall at Carleton University.

This is sure to be a great weekend as this WordCamp has a variety of talks for all types of WordPress users and small businesses.

Although it’s a bit far for myself to attend, GreenGeeks’ Philip Crout will be there. So, make sure you stop by to say hi, find out more about GreenGeeks and pick up some goodies from our booth.

What to Expect at WordCamp Ottawa 2019

Over the course of the weekend, visitors have access to a wide scope of information. Although, the second half of Sunday is more focused on Workshops. And I wish I could attend one of them in person.

This weekend, attendees will have access to sessions like:

  • How to Help Your Non-Profit (or Non-Profit Clients) Connect Better with Donors
    A lot of organizations survive off the generosity of others. However, it can be daunting trying to get the help needed. In this session, Michelle Ames helps you learn how to properly engage donors.
  • WooCommerce Fundamentals
    A lot of people will set up eCommerce sites without really knowing the ins and outs of the process. Jonathan Perlman will dive into setting up WooCommerce and making a successful online store.
  • Page Builders in the Age of Gutenberg
    Gutenberg was released in WordPress 5.0, and some people don’t know just what it can do for setting up a webpage. Matt Graham, Michelle Ames and Miriam Goldman attend a panel to discuss Gutenberg and its blocks.
  • How to Monetize Your Passion Project
    Mike Demo will discuss how developers can turn a plugin or other project into something that can generate revenue. This goes beyond using the simple donate button that may never be used.
  • Workshop: Using WordPress to Validate a Business Idea, Write a Book and Build a Community
    This is one workshop I’ll be sad to miss as I love the idea of writing a book and building a community. Amy Lynch will discuss different methods freelancers and creatives can use for WordPress to essentially build a brand and an online presence for a variety of purposes.

And these are only a handful of amazing talks going on at WordCamp Ottawa 2019.

Fun Facts About Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa has a lot of history. And if it wasn’t for being so far away, I’m sure I’d visit. But while you’re there attending WordCamp, keep in mind:

  1. Ottawa was named the capital of Canada by Queen Victoria of Britain in 1857.
  2. Talk about freezing temperatures, Ottawa ranks 7th as the coldest capital in the world.
  3. The Château Laurier Hotel, haunted hotel of Canada, is said to be visited often by Charles Melville Hays. He was the president of the company that built the hotel who died on the Titanic just over a week before Château Laurier opened for business.

But if you were curious about the Canadian Tulip Festival, sorry. This event is only held every May.

See You at WordCamp Ottawa 2019!

When attending the camp, don’t forget to stop by and grab some swag from Philip. He’ll be in Ottawa sharing why GreenGeeks is special while manning the booth.

But, I’d like to end by thanking all of the organizers, sponsors, volunteers and attendees for making WordCamp Ottawa possible. Without the WordPress community, these kinds of events wouldn’t exist in the capacity they do today.

Have a great weekend in Ottawa, all!

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